Health Syllabus

10th Grade Health Syllabus                   

Mr. Dashkiwsky   

Semester Course                           

Room A109                                                   


- 10th Grade Health…

        - meets every day for 1 semester.

        - is a required course.

        - factors into GPA. (B- or better for honor roll.)



  • Body Systems

  • First Aid & Safety

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition

  • Reproduction

  • Drugs

  • Mental Health


General Info

  1. Bring current materials and something to write with every day.

  2. Complete all in-class and homework assignments.

  3. Stay organized.  (Notes/packets will be checked for points.)

  4. Electronic devices should be silenced and away until we use them.

  5. No Food.  Water bottles are ok. No glass.


Extra Credit Opportunity

(If you did not complete an assignment you cannot take advantage.)

    Current Event- Pick an article related to any topic in this course.

    -     Provide the following:

    • 1 paragraph summary of main points.

    • 1 paragraph reaction (What do you think?)

  • Must be typed.

  • 5 additional points on top of total points. (can do 2 per marking period)