Adapted English

Adapted English 10th grade

Achieve3000/Empower3000:  8 per marking period, over 75% on the first try.

WriteToLearn:  2 -  4 Writing prompts due each marking period. *Students must use the link provided. It is specific to Rose Tree Media School District.




WriteToLearn: Writing assessment program. 

Achieve3000:  Reading Comprehension program.

     *We use WriteToLearn and Achieve3000 as a tool to progress monitor goals.

The WriteToLearn link is specific to our school. Please bookmark the link. To access the WriteToLearn website:  You need to click on the link that is listed on my faculty website (Colleen Hoy) on the 9th grade or 10th grade webpage.

The Achieve3000 website can be googled and bookmarked.  It is also on my website.

Username: first name . last name (sometimes followed by a number) . Same as 9th grade.

 Password is your student ID (Lunch code.)

SUMMER READING for Adapted English 9th and 10th grade

Due September 27, 2019

/userfiles/260/my files/2019 summer reading project and rubric.docx - google docs copy.pdf?id=2485


Overview of course/syllabus 

Adapted English    Ms. Colleen Hoy   

Classroom Supplies Needed:

-A durable or plastic pocket folder to keep in the classroom.

-A box of Tissue for classroom use.

Expectations for behavior:

Be Responsible! Be Respectful! Be Focused and Attentive! Be Present!

As a student in Adapted English you are expected to arrive on time, complete assignments both in class and if needed, out of class, treat and talk to the teacher(s) and classmates in a respectful manner.  You are expected to come to class with a pen or pencil, Chromebook, classroom materials, and a positive attitude. To be successful you need to participate, focus, and be on-task during the class period.

Chromebooks are to be used when instructed, bring your charger.  Chromebooks are definitely used on Fridays. When using the Chromebook for class, you are expected to remain on the class assignment.  Game playing, messaging/texting, or using internet devices for entertainment purposes will not be permitted during English class. Phones are not to be seen or heard.


You are expected to make progress in reading, writing, and language arts skill areas.  

We will read novels, short stories, plays, and use supplementary materials for reading literature, building comprehension skills, and improve vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and writing.  We will be using the program NoRedInk this school.  More information to come. 

In the Classroom:

There may be assignments and/or make-up work throughout the school year to complete outside of the English class period. Please check HAC, Schoology, and/or my website for assignments, assessments, and due dates.  Reminders are listed on the classroom board. Students should utilize time during Achievement Center, Core Extension, and/or Study Hall.