Español II: Course Description + Policies

Spanish II: What to Expect                                                                                
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¡Este año va a ser fenomenal!


Spanish II is a year-long course in elementary Spanish and is a continuation of material covered in Spanish I/1A/1B. Students will be assessed throughout the year with quizzes, tests, a midterm exam and a final exam.  These assessments include speaking, listening, and essay components.


Required Materials

  • Fully charged Chromebook, every day
  • One composition book to serve as a writing journal – this journal will stay in the classroom all year and will only be used for journal entries
  • One notebook or binder section dedicated to Spanish for your personal note-taking – this must come to class with you every day
  • Binder section or folder to keep handouts + graded work
  • Pen / pencil



Student averages for the class are determined on a basis of ‘all total points.’  All assignments will be categorized in the gradebook as one of the following:

  • Classwork – a variety of assignment types that are completed during class
  • Homework – assigned several times per week
  • Projects – assigned periodically and may replace chapter tests occasionally
  • Quizzes – short assessments throughout a given chapter
  • Tests – end-of-chapter assessments with a higher point value than quizzes


A mid-term exam and a final exam will be given and each of these count for 10% of your final grade for the course. 


Classroom Policies

  • Absence – If you miss a day of class, you are responsible for missed material.  You will need to do the following:
    1. Check Schoology for any assignments or important announcements
    2. Go to the Spanish II folder in the crate labeled MISSED A DAY?, find the folder that corresponds to the day you missed and take a copy of any handouts 
    3. Check in with a trusted classmate to see if you missed any note-taking, and copy down any notes you missed
    4. If you missed a test or quiz, a copy will be placed in the testing center for you to complete within 1 week during your lunch period, study hall, or other free time. If the test has a listening component, you will need to make arrangements with me to stay after school one day to complete that portion.


  • Incomplete / Late Homework – Incomplete assignments are not accepted. Late assignments are accepted if a student has been absent from class


  • Food + Drink – Please refrain from eating during class unless we are doing an activity which involves food.  Feel free to bring water, but be careful about placing bottles on the floor in spaces where people will be walking. Be mindful about empty containers; all students are expected to pick up after themselves.


  • Mobile Phones – Once the bell rings to begin class, all phones must be silent + invisible. If you are observed using your phone during class time you will be asked to put it away.  If you are observed a second time using your phone, you will place it in a box at the front of the classroom until the bell rings to end the period. If your phone becomes an obstacle to your progress in Spanish, I will notify your parent or guardian of the issue.  


Tips for Success

  • Speak Spanish as often as possible! Make a habit of using as much Spanish as you can each day, especially during class time. 
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself. No one learns a new language overnight!
  • Homework is your chance to practice what you’ve learned in class. Be sure to complete it consistently and give it your best effort!
  • Make your own flash cards for vocabulary – English on one side, Spanish on the other – and study them any time you have 5-10 free minutes. This small extra effort goes a long way in reinforcing your vocabulary, which makes you a better Spanish-speaker!
  • If you are struggling, please reach out to me. I am available after school on most days, and peer tutoring is also an option.


A Note About Academic Integrity:

As outlined in the Penncrest High School Student Handbook, students are expected to approach their studies in an honest manner. Any student caught cheating (or aiding another student to cheat) on a test or quiz, copying homework from another, or otherwise behaving in a dishonest manner will receive a grade of ZERO for that particular assessment, and the student’s parents and grade-level principal will be notified.