Expanding Expression Tool (EET) info for Parents

Many students in speech-language therapy practice a tool called Expanding Expression.  It is a multi-sensory approach for improved expressive language.  It was developed by a Sara L. Smith, a certified speech-language pathologist.

Students may learn the following verse to help organize their expression of vocabulary, and more.  When describing an object or a person, encourage the use of this verse to help your student include many important details in an organized manner. 

"Green - Group: What group does it belong to?

Blue - do: What do you do with it?  What does it do?

What does it look like?: What size, shape and/or color is it?

What is it made of?:  What is it made of?  Where does it come from?

Pink - Parts:  What are its parts?  What parts go with it?

White - Where: Where do you find it?  Where would you use/see it?

What else do I know?": prior knowledge & fun facts