Practicing Language Skills at Home

Language practice ideas:

  • Define curricular vocabulary using the Expanding Expression Tool.

  • Practice using spelling and vocabulary words in complete sentences. 

  • Can you think of any synonyms or antonyms for your spelling or vocabulary words?  What category is the word in?

  • Use an index card as a bookmark and write down words you don’t know.  Ask a grown-up what the word means or look it up in  Listen to the pronunciation.  Say it out loud three times. Try using the word in a sentence (out loud).

  • Play “Whisper Down the Lane” using related words.  How is the new word related to the last word?

  • Think of as many animals, foods, people, etc. as you can in one minute. 

  • Play MAD Libs and fill in vocabulary words from science, social studies, math and language arts.

  • Before watching TV, name 2 things or people you think you’ll see in the show or movie based on the title, and explain why.

  • Follow a recipe together.

  • Play a good turn-taking game such as checkers, Connect Four or Jenga. When it’s your turn, list one item in a category, plus all the ones that were said before.  How many can you remember?

  • Get good practice describing by playing ‘I Spy’ and ‘20 Questions’.

  • Play Simon Says.

Have fun!

For more complex learners, please also review Indirect Language Stimulation Techniques on The Communication Clinic website.