Practicing Speech Skills at Home

Articulation practice ideas:

  • Practice spelling and vocabulary words with the targeted sound.  Then practice them in sentences.

  • Use your favorite book (or magazine) – underline words with your targeted sound and practice reading a page per night out loud with your strong speech sound.

  • Play “Whisper Down the Lane” using words that have the target sound in them.

  • Pick things out as you’re driving or shopping that begin or end with the targeted sound.

  • Play tic-tac-toe, Connect Four, Jenga, Checkers, etc. and practice your speech sounds five times per turn.  (Both players say 5 times each for extra models and auditory input.)

  • Think of as many animals, foods, people, etc. as you can with your sound in them.

  • Play MAD Libs and fill in words that have the targeted speech sound.

  • Before watching TV, name 5 things or people you think you’ll see in the show or movie that have your speech sound.

Have fun!