First Grade Story Synopsis


Story Synopsis


Developed by Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems

BABES Pennsylvania Godparent


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I am



Lesson #1        “I’m Looking Good and Feeling Fine”

                        Self Image and Feelings


Bows cleans her room and her Mom tells her how pleased she is with her and that Bows is special.  Bows feels very good about herself and wants to share her good feelings with her brother Buttons.  Buttons decides to clean his room, too.  When Buttons tries to show his Dad what he has done, his Dad tells him that he doesn’t have time and to go away.  Buttons feels that he did something wrong; that it’s his fault.  He is upset and does not feel good about himself.


Myth Mary tells the myth that nice people doesn’t get upset or angry.  Early Bird explains that people should let  their feelings out.


Donovan dignity gives the three easy steps to changing our feelings.

            Step #1 – ask yourself how you are feeling

            Step #2 – ask yourself why you feel the way you do.

            Step #3 – make up your mind what you will do to change your feelings.


Donovan reminds us that just because we feel bad, doesn’t mean that we are a bad person and that all people get upset sometimes.


Buttons realizes that maybe his Dad was feeling bad or upset about something – that it wasn’t Buttons fault.



            To teach and emphasize the importance of identifying and expressing our feelings.


            To provide a way to change mad or sad feelings should we choose.


To introduce the concept of self image and teach that our perception of self influences or  behavior


Lesson #2        “She made me do it – didn’t she?”

                        Decision making and peer pressure


When Buttons and Bows come home from school, they find the cupcakes their Mom had made.  They also find a note from their Mom telling them not to eat the cupcakes now, but they may have them for dessert.


Myth Mary comes in and demands a cupcake.  She tells Buttons and Bows they have to give her a cupcake because they are friends, and they are supposed to do what their friends tell them.  Buttons and Bows give in to Myth Mary’s “Peer Pressure” and decide to eat the cupcakes.


Later on that day, Buttons and Bows are punished – having to go to bed early, no TV and no more cupcakes.


The next day Buttons and Bows try to explain to Donovan Dignity that it was Myth Mary’s fault.  Donovan says that no friend can make you do anything you don’t want to.  He also explains that we are all responsible for our won actions and our decisions (choices).  He gives the three easy steps to making good decisions.

            Step #1 – Stop; say what you want to decide.

Step #2 – Think; Come up with all the answers you can.  Then think about what will   happen after each one.

            Step #3 – Choose; Choose (or pick) the best answer as your decision.


Remember this clue – a good decision will not hurt you or anyone else.  Buttons and Bows realize that they were responsible for their decision to eat the cupcakes.



            To give children information which helps them make good decisions.


            To help children recognize peer pressure and understand they have choices. 


Lesson #3        “Accepting the things I cannot change and changing the things I can”

                        Coping Skills


One Saturday Buttons was busy doing his chores. His mother had promised him he could go outside when he was done.  Bows was straightening her room because she was expecting her friends to come over.  By the time Buttons was finished, his mother had called to say that she and their father were going to be late and that neither Buttons nor Bows were allowed to go outside or to have any friends in the house.  Buttons and Bows were both very upset.


Early Bird and all the BABES friends come to the window and from outside help Buttons and Bows think of ways they can cop with their unhappy situation.


Donovan Dignity teaches them that learning coping skills is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step #1 – Say to yourself; Is there anything about this unhappy situation that I can change?

Step #2 – Say to yourself, I will accept the things I cannot change.

Step #3 – Say to your self; I will change the things I can.


This helps Buttons and Bows realize that there are other fun things they can do inside like play with each other and sing silly songs.



To help children realize that there are some things that cannot be changed but there are ways to cope with these situations.



  Lesson #4      “Lets Play Party”

                        Alcohol and other drug information


One day the group is sitting around trying to decide what to do that day.  Myth Mary suggests they have a party just like the grownups do.  She says that they must have real drinks.  Donovan clarifies that by real drinks, Myth Mary means drinks with alcohol in them.  Donovan explains that alcohol is bad for growing bodies and that it’s against the law for anyone to drink alcohol before they are 21.  Donovan teaches that alcohol is a drug and drugs affect your mind and your body.


Buttons knows that drugs are bad – but Donovan explains that most drugs are used to help sick people get well.  They are called medicine and you get them from a doctor or the people who take care of you.  The other kind of drugs are illegal drugs.  That means they are always against the law – no matter how old you are.


 Donovan states its okay for most grownups to drink some alcohol – but they have to be careful – never to drink too much and never to drink and drive.  He further explains that some people cannot drink alcohol at all.  They have an illness like recovering Reggie; it’s called alcoholism.


Donovan gives his 3 easy steps:

            Step #1: Remember alcohol is a drug which affects your mind and body.

Step #2: It is against the law and bad for your body to drink alcohol before you are 21.

            Step #3: People who have alcoholism can get help and get better.



            To identify alcohol as a drug which is harmful for a growing body. 


            To identify which drinks have alcohol in them.


            To teach the difference between medicine and illegal drugs.



Lesson #5        “Retreat is no defeat & failure is not final”

                        Getting help


Buttons and Bows are doing their homework but when it was time to do numbers, Bows decided she wanted to go for a walk.  Bows was upset because she was having a lot of trouble with her numbers.  She was afraid Buttons would laugh at her and call her dumb if she asked for help.


She meets Donovan and explains why she’s upset.  Donovan explains that she may fail at first but she won’t always fail.  Donovan dignity helps Bows realize that everyone needs help sometimes and that nobody can do everything alone.  He teaches that it’s smart and brave to ask for help when you need it.


Reggie shares that it was hard for him to ask for help when he wanted to stop drinking.  Now that he did ask for help and go it – how much better his life is.


Bows decides to ask Buttons for help and Buttons asks her to help him, too.



            To help children know that it’s okay to need and ask for help.


            That it’s good to help other people, too.