French III

French III


Course Objectives:

Improve French language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing)

Develop language competency in the present, past, & future tenses as well as the subjunctive and conditional moods

Expand students’ knowledge and understanding of French culture

Connect and apply what is learned in the classroom to other disciplines and the world around us



Arrive on time for class

Be prepared for class (charged Chromebook, notebook, textbook, workbook, homework, pen or pencil)

Speak French as much as possible

Respect fellow classmates, teacher, self and subject

Maintain a positive attitude


Grading System:

Student grades will be an accumulation of points from the following:


Quizzes and tests



*There will be a midterm and a final.  Combined, these will count as 1/5 of the final course grade.



Given daily

Effort counts as much as correct answers

Assignments not completed will affect grade

Homework assignments will be posted on Schoology



2-3 per year

Late projects will not be accepted



Chapters 6-10 of Bien Dit 2

Videos, online resources, native speakers