AP French V

AP French V Syllabus


Objectives for this course are to:


  • develop and refine French language skills ( listening, speaking, reading, writing) in order to work towards greater fluency;

  • learn more about Francophone cultures

  • read and critique French literature;

  • prepare for SAT French and AP exams


At the end of the year students are required to participate in an oral exit interview to determine his/her level of oral proficiency in terms of the ACTFL guidelines. A certified interviewer will conduct this interview.



Accumulated points will come from: quizzes, tests,  projects, compositions, oral presentations, & homework assignments.

  • Homework will be given on a regular basis. Many assignments will require long-term planning.


  • 1st Marking Period:

Themes: Families in Different Societies & The Influence of Language and Culture on Identity


  • 2nd Marking Period:

Themes: How Science and Technology Affect Our Lives & Environmental, Political, and Social Challenges

Reading: Le Petit Prince (novel) by Antoine de Saint Exupéry


  • 3rd Marking Period:

Theme: Influences of Beauty and Art

Readings: Selected Fairy Tales and les Fables de la Fontaine


  • 4th Marking Period:

Theme: Factors that Impact Quality of Life