Global Studies : 9th grade

Global Studies

Course Syllabus


Mr. Nolen : (610) 627-6285

Ms Skinner: (610) 627-6364

Course Description

This Global Studies course is designed to give students a better understanding of the global community in which they live. It focuses on the major cultural regions of the world and covers a broad range of important social studies concepts such as geography, history, economics, social structure, government, religion and current issues.


Required Materials

Each student must bring his weekly packet, a pencil and his charged Chromebook to class every day. In class, iPads should be away unless we are using them for a class activity. 


Class Procedures

This class is organized in weekly units. Every Monday, students will be given a packet that includes the class work and homework assignments for the week. Every Friday, the packet will be collected and there will be a quiz on the week’s material. Details and grading procedures follow.

            Class Work

Each week, there will be a number of assignments completed in class. These assignments will include vocabulary, notes, maps, worksheets, etc.


Each week, students will be assigned homework that will include the Chapter Review section at the end of each chapter. Copies of packets will be posted on Mr. Nolen’s website.



Every Friday, there will be a quiz on the week’s material. Types of quizzes will vary (matching, multiple choice, short answer, open note, etc.).


Late Work and Absence Policy

Assignments will be accepted up to one week late and will result in a loss of points (10% a day). Additional time will be given for absences, twice the number of days missed. Missed quizzes will be made up in study hall, resource room, or class at the teachers’ discretion.


Please keep one copy of this class syllabus for your records and return one signed copy to Mr. Nolen and Miss Skinner.