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Information About the Elementary Instrumental Program



Information on Stringed Instruments

  • It is recommended that students not buy stringed instruments until they have grown into a full-sized instrument. This is usually by the beginning or middle of the 6th grade year. All 4th grade beginners generally start on 3/4 size violins, 13" violas, 3/4 cellos and 1/4 size basses. Some students will move up to 14" violas during 5th grade. When renting, it does not cost more to move to a larger size and there is no fee for this service. It is never recommended that students buy instruments from ebay or the internet. Many of these instruments are very poor in quality and we have not had success with them. It can cost a lot of money to get into even an acceptable level of playability. Mr. Walls can help when it is time to buy; just ask..

    Zeswitz Music Store

    For those students that need an instrument it is recommended that you contact Zeswitz Music Store.  Zeswitz  has a fully interactive website that permits you to secure an instrument online. Please click this link to go directly to the online rental area You can also call  610-406-4300 and talk to someone in the band and orchestra department.  Instruments will be delivered to school. There will be a Zeswitz representative making visits to each RTM elementary school each week to service contracts.