The Importance of Strings Programs

  • Video- Advocacy for strings programs in the public schools 

    According to Bob Gillespie, ASTA past president and professor of music at Ohio State University, research proves that music students are:

    • scoring significantly higher on the SAT than the average general student body population; string students have the highest among music students,

    • leaders in classes and activities,

    • members of academic honor groups,

    • in the upper 10 percent of their graduating class, and

    • less likely to abuse alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug

  • Video 

    This video presents very good reasons for having your child play a musical instrument in school.

  • A comparison study of the Ohio proficiency test results between fourth-grade strings pullout students and those of matched ability 

    This study demonstrates that students who study stringed instruments during the school day are not negatively impacted in their studies.  In fact, reading scores and citizenship achievement increased in the strings study group.

  • The elementary pull-out crisis: Using research effectively 

    Strings students' score higher in both mathematics problem solving and reading comprehension.  Strings students' academic achievement was higher than the general school population despite the string students being removed from their regular classroom for two years of strings study.