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Pearson EnVision


This program focuses on problem based teaching and learning.  The math concepts are introduced with a problem-solving experience, then the concept is enhanced through direct instruction.

  The topics are:

  1. Solve Addition and Subtraction Problems to 10
  2. Fluently Add and Subtract Within 10
  3. Addition Facts to 20: Use Strategies
  4. Work with Addition and Subtraction Equations
  5. Represent and Interpret Data
  6. Extend the Counting Sequence
  7. Understand Place Value
  8. Compare Two-Digit Numbers
  9. Use Models and Strategies to Add Tens and Ones
  10. Use Models and Strategies to Subtract Tens
  11. Measure Lengths
  12. Time
  13. Reason with Shapes and Their Attributes
  14. Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles

This program implements the common core standards to promote in-depth development of the topics taught. It also has a strong focus on math vocabulary.