Third Grade Recorder Resources

This year, Flipgrid is a resource students can use to watch recorder tutorials at home. Flipgrid is accessible with any iOS, Android, Chromebook, or PC device. There are free mobile apps for iOS and android devices. 

To sign in, students can use the QR id code in the front of their recorder book that looks like the image below:

FlipGride test ID

If using a mobile device, open the flip grid app, click on "Scan QR Code," and it will take you to the Flipgrid site. If using a PC or chromebook, go to

And on the top left hand corner, click on "Enter a flipcode." Use the Flip Code and Student ID number on the badge to access the site.


Linked below are practice tracks for students to use at home. Files/Third Grade Recorder Resources with QR Codes.pdf?id=3513