The elementary physical education program is rooted in the department philosophy that movement and play, as fundamental human behaviors, fulfill a unique and necessary role in the growth and development of children.  The strength of the program lies in an emphasis on fundamental movement skills developed initially through exploration and guided discovery.  The recognition and practice of patterns and skill combinations leads to the proficiency required for the performance of complex tasks and the application to game situations.   

An emphasis is placed on cultivating a learning environment embedded with the values of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect.  A meaningful experience, accompanied by some measure of accomplishment, has the potential to enhance the development of a child’s self-image and enrich his/her interpersonal relationships. 

Students use a variety of equipment learning how to manipulative various equipment such as hula-hoops, jump-ropes, bean-bags, scarves, scoops, paddles, scooters, and more!  Students get a chance to use a variety of other equipment to work on throwing, catching, collecting, kicking, punting, dribbling, volleying, and striking various implements.  Learning the basics of locomotor movement is key as students will work on walking, running, hopping, skipping, galloping, chasing, fleeing, and dodging.  Students also work on body control ~ turning, twisting, rolling, balancing, jumping and landing, and stretching!  It is an exciting time for these youngsters as they start to build a foundation of movement to become physically active for a lifetime!

Don't forget to join us at the end of the year to celebrate physical activity at our annual Field Day!