Lifetime Importance



Giving students exposure to a plethora of games and activities will increase the chances that they find an activity that they will participate in for a lifetime.  The current statistics and data about the health of our nation is alarming.  The fact that our current generation will not outlive our parents shows that physical activity and movement need to be stressed.  As educators, we must promote a sound mind and a sound body.

Physical Education classes focus on the following 3 things:

  • Focus Goal = We are learning and practicing physical skills and movements.  A huge part of that is self control: learning and practicing to control ourselves the way we move (physically), the way we think (mentally), & the way we interact with others (social).  In other words, for the physical we are practicing controlling our muscles physically so that our bodies move the way we want them to; for the mental, we are controlling our minds to focus on the task, learn rules, & develop strategies; and for the social, we are controlling our words & actions even at the height of excitement during play!

  • Focus Task = We most often do the following in class; proper warm up activities including heart exercises, muscle strength and endurance, coordination, balance, and stretching, skill focus, lead-up game, cool down or closing activity.
  • Focus Point = What are looking for high student participation, success for all students, and positive peer interactions.

To understand more about my philosophy it is first important to understand why Physical Education is important for school-aged students as summarized by NASPE (National Association for Sport and Physical Education) 

  • leadership and cooperation, goal setting, enhanced self-efficacy.
  • self-discipline, stress reduction, strengthened peer relationships.
  • regular, healthful physical activity, skill development, improved physical fitness.