• Bonjour!
    One way to prepare for French III is to practice all of the irregular verbs that you have learned in French I & II.
    On Wednesday, September 11th, you will have your first quiz on irregular verbs.  We will take a quiz on these verbs each marking period in French III.
    All the verbs are listed below.
    Bonnes vacances!
    See you on Tuesday, September 3rd!
    -Mme Riviere
    Here is the complete list of verbs for the quiz:
    Etre         Aller               Avoir        Faire

    Savoir      Connaître      Mettre      Prendre

    Venir         Devenir      Ouvrir         Ecrire

    Dire            Lire            Vouloir      Pouvoir

    Boire         Croire            Voir         Suivre

    Vivre         Envoyer         Dormir      Sortir


    Click on this link to find the correct forms of each verb: 

    Andy's verb chart  (merci monsieur k!)


    (Click on the verb, then study its PRESENT INDICATIVE forms)

    It may be easier to study the verbs by group.

    As you study the verbs by smaller group, remember to take notes on verbs & specific forms that you get wrong.  That list will help you focus on what you REALLY need to study! :-)

    Study:  Etre, Aller, Avoir and Faire then take the quiz on those 4 verbs:


    When you've mastered those, try Savoir and Connaître.


    Venir and Devenir are conjugated the same.


    Lire, Dire & Ecrire:


    Vouloir & Pouvoir:


    Boire, Voir & Croire:


    Suivre & Vivre:


    Dormir & Partir (they aren't as irregular as some other verbs, but they will be included on the quiz)


    Finally, the last four random verbs:

    Mettre, Prendre, Ouvrir and Envoyer.  These verbs are NOT conjugated the same, I simply grouped them together because they don't fit in any other group.



    Once you've mastered the smaller quizzes, try the 145 question quiz again: