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    Students, please take this survey if you haven't already:



    This week, in writing, we'll be revising our first narratives by deciding what the message of our story will be. In reading, we'll be creating movie trailers to show the theme in one of the group books we read. In social studies, we'll be finishing on our contest entry.


    Want to earn some extra credit by singing about the Bill of Rights? Memorize this song and sing it by yourself or with some friends!


    Here are some math links that will review some of the concepts we've learned this year.








    Want to have some fun (and earn extra credit if you want it)? Try one of these projects!

    Write a Choose Your Own Adventure Story!
    Have you ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure story? They are fun! You are the main character of the story and you make decisions about what will happen in the story, so you can read it several times and different things will happen! Here is an example of one created using PowerPoint and the beginning of one using pencil and paper. Here is a template you can use if you want to create it using PowerPoint.
    Do a science experiment!
    Try one or both of these science experiments! (You know you want to try the spud launcher!) To get credit, you can take pictures or record yourself doing it. You could also write about the experiment and what you found.
    Go on a field trip!
    As you know Valley Forge played a role in the Revolutionary War. Ask your family to take you to Valley Forge to learn more about the Revolutionary War. You could earn extra credit by taking a selfie of you while you're there and sending it to me or by creating a presentation or a poster to share with me or the class about the things you learned while you were there. Can't go there, but are still interested in what happened there? Check out this link. You could make a presentation for extra credit too!


    Have a great week!

    Miss Pinsley