Staying Connected during the Closure



From Mr. Reid



Great News  I hope everyone is well.  Before we got sidetracked with the canceling of school, we had received some great news that our school would be recognized by the state as a School Implementing Tier 1 PBIS with fidelity.  Our school wide positive behavior system helps to create a warm and nurturing environment for all of our students here at school.  We have really focused on family involvement this year with our PBIS Team.  This got me thinking. 



PBIS Assembly PBIS may be helpful for you as your children are  home during this time.   You can remind them of  our Bobcat Pledge and that they should be  Ready, Respectful, and Responsible at  home just as they are here.  I am attaching a  PBIS Home Chart below that you can use to create your own ready, respectful, and responsible expectations for the days at home.  I am also providing a link where you can give your children there own Bobcat Brags virtually.  I will be able to see which of our students are earning brags on a daily basis and provide some positive feedback to everyone for being great Bobcats at home. 

PBIS Home Chart

Bobcat Brag Link



YouTube Finally, I have created my own YouTube Channel for the   school.  I will be providing some read-alouds and other   videos you can share with your children while they are   away.  Subscribe to Mr. Reid's YouTube Channel.  This   will also ask you if you want to be notified when new   content is available.  I will be posting things throughout   our time away should you choose to share the videos   with your children.  My first video is me sharing a childhood favorite about responsibility. I hope you enjoy it!



I hope you all are staying safe and healthy and as always, if there is anything you need please reach out.  

John Reid


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