PTG MINUTES                                 Tuesday March 7, 2017    
                                             6:00 pm Glenwood Cafeteria
    Welcome                            Susan Foster

    Teacher Reports:
    Student School Store                        Amy Fizzano / Karen Maher    

    Student Ambassadors have been working on an idea, they discussed at their meeting and made a presentation to Mr. Bucci to begin a school store.  The stored would be open one morning a week and they would sell small items such as pencils, erasers, etc.  The (non-distracting) items would range from 25¢ to $1.  Students would run the store with the help of volunteers.  They are asking for a $250 start-up fee from the PTG, which they would pay back once they make the money back.  (Motion was approved.)    
    Principal’s Report                        Eric Bucci
    We had a great “Glenwood” presentation at the February board meeting, the Schmidt & Gommer family played the Star Spangled Banner, Katie & Mickey Gommer and Savannah & Ryan Schmidt had a great performance!  They were followed by students from Miss Pinsley’s 5th grade class, who discussed their experience with the Constitution Center and winning the LenFest essay contest.
    Our Book Fair Under the Stars was a huge success, with over 200 guests, kudos to Mr. G and his helpers (both staff and parents) for making it such a fun night.  Events such as these cannot happen without our volunteers and we are fortunate to have such a great group working together.
    We had a great turn out at Oasis Night, the students seemed to have a great time - & the birthday cake was delicious!

    Conferences will begin tomorrow and be held all day Thursday.

    PSSAs are coming up for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students.  Mrs. Vellios-Miller and I will be visiting all the classrooms to discuss the upcoming testing and reinforce to the students that they are ready for this, give them some helpful hints and hopefully to alleviate any stress.  

    President’s Report                        MaryAnne Troy / Susan Foster
    - Thank you to Amy Donaghy  and volunteers for collecting the Box Top Labels.  Earning nearly $1500 in labels, this is our highest and most lucrative collection ever!
    - Thank you Diane Smith for organizing tonight's MCCS presentation.
    - Thank you Liz Doyle and Marina Hepler for overseeing meals for the upcoming parent teacher conferences.  If you are able to help out, either by sending in a  food or monetary donation, please visit: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B0A4CAFAC2AA75-spring
    - Thank you Barbara DiSipio and Michele Durkee for assisting Mr. G in putting together another exciting book fair. Volunteers are still needed:  https://volunteer.scholastic.com/#/experience/login/kWQq3bAT
    Financial Report                        Blaise Kearney
    Committee Reports:

    Please send any pictures, the deadline is approaching

    Hospitality                            Liz Doyle and Marina Hepler    
    - Conferences this week: Thank you to everyone who donated
    - Teacher Appreciation Ideas – discussed sending notes to the teachers, maybe flowers… will look for ideas

    Book Swap                            Barbara DiSipio

    -Looking for some help to pull this off this year: Amy Donaghy, Marina Hepler & Alex Brock volunteered

    Spirit Wear                            Carol Umberger
    We will run an online store after conferences, pajama bottoms will be available & some other items

    2017-2018 PTG
    Please let us know if you are interested in any open positions… or if you do not wish to continue your current position
    Co-President            Susan Foster
        Co-President            Michele Durkee
        Executive VP            OPEN
        Secretary            Liz Doyle
        Treasurer            Samantha Southall
        Grade Level Rep – K        Liz Doyle        
         Grade Level Rep – 1        Amy Donaghy
        Grade Level Rep – 2                    
         Grade Level Rep – 3
        Grade Level Rep – 4                    
         Grade Level Rep – 5

         5th Grade Committee        Linda Colucci         
                         Kathy Randazo
         Homeroom Parents        Michele Durkee        
                         Liz Doyle
         Hospitality            Marina Hepler        
         Principal Advisory Board    Amy Donaghy         Carol Umberger     Jessica Leventry
                         Michele Durkee     Nicole Backerman    Janine Fante         
                         Alex Brock
         Yearbook            Michele Durkee        Lynda Colluci        Liz Doyle
         Welcoming Committee        OPEN
         Web Master & Twitter        Diane Smith
          Spirit Wear            Carol Umberger
         Assemblies            Susan Foster
          Birthday Bash            Gina Hamilton
         Coupon Book Fundraiser    OPEN
         Trunk or Treat             Katie Scheckner        
                         Susan Foster
         Kindergarten Get-Together    Liz Doyle
         Oasis                OPEN
         Box Top Collection        Amy Donaghy
         Basket Bingo            Nicole Backerman    OPEN
         Art Fundraiser            Janine Fante
         Wawa Hoagie Coupons        Colleen Keinath
         Sky Zone Fundraiser        Diane Smith
         Field Day            Susan Foster
         SchoolKidz Supply Kit        Allison Chabot
        Book Swap            Barbara DiSipio            

    Tuesday January 10, 2017    
    6:30 pm Glenwood Library

    Attendees: MaryAnne Troy, Barbara DiSipio, Blaise Kearney, Tracey Quimbo, Monica Brown, Amy Donaghy, Jen Schmidt, Michele Durkee, Alex Brock, Janine Fante, Nicole Blaisse, Diane Smith, Liz Doyle, Susan Foster, Coleen Fickes
    Welcome                            MaryAnne Troy
    Teacher Report                         Anthony Grisillo, Library Teacher
    Thank you to the PTG for purchasing a receipt printer for the library.  It has been very helpful!  You will notice some new items in the library which we were able to obtain through Scholastic based on the Book Fair sales.  There is a new rug in Jenny’s Corner and new book shelves.  We also have a new “book repair system” which allows us to fix some of our book that were falling apart.  
    The library is now transitioning for the 2nd Book Fair, with “campfire” décor as the theme will be Camping.  We will hold the sale the 1st week of March and will align with Parent/Teacher Conferences.  We are looking to have a possible Astronomy Night - come out and watch the stars and also shop – and a Smores Party.
    Kortne Mazzella, 3rd grade Teacher
    Kortne is the Junior Optimist Co-Sponsor with Erika Yepremian.  The club is comprised of 35 members in 3rd, 4th & 5th grade.  They are currently involved in the MLK Day of Service collection, and will be taking any late donations over to the Media Food Bank when the club volunteers on Saturday January 28th.   They made 2017 calendars for Fair Acres residents as their December project and the group will meet again tomorrow morning.
    From the teachers, thank you so much for the conference meals, it makes such a difference and is so much appreciated.

    Principal’s Report                        Eric Bucci
    - We had over 400 visitors at our Holiday Sing Along, thank you to all our guests
    - Mrs. Vellios-Miller will be returning, Mrs. Spaulding’s last day will be January 30th
    - Mr. Wigo has discussed an Advisory Committee to discuss the upcoming budget, they are looking for community response so it is a great opportunity to have input from taxpayers in the district who have students.  There will be 4 general public meetings held the end of January and beginning of February, information will be sent out soon.
    - Thank you to the PTG for today’s assembly, “Meet Dr. King”, the presentation had a strong message
    - Miss Pinsley’s 5th grade class entered a Civics Essay Contest sponsored by the Rendell Center about the Electoral College.  The class was named one of the 10 finalists out of 100 applicants, they were invited to spend the day at the Constitution Center to make a presentation.  They compiled a video and chose four students as their “spokespeople” to answer some very challenging question from the judges.  Miss Pinsley’s class came in 2nd place and was awarded $500!  They will make a presentation at the RTM School Board meeting on February 23rd at 7:30 pm.  All are welcome to attend.
    - MAP testing is currently underway
    - Data Conferences will be held next month, each team meets every 6 week cycle to look at each student and ensure their progress
    President’s Report                        MaryAnne Troy
    - Thank you to families for stopping by Chick Fil-A after the Holiday Sing Along in December
    - Wawa Hoagie Sale ongoing
    - Thank you to Blaise – as a Verizon employee, he has entered his service hours and chose Glenwood PTG as the recipient.  It is a very generous program from Verizon and we are so appreciative that Blaise is giving the proceeds to our organization.
    - Thank you to Hospitality for meals during Parent/Teacher Conferences – Liz & Marina did a great job preparing breakfast, lunch and dinners!!!  They also worked hard getting some donations from local businesses which was very well received.
    - Teacher Appreciation will be the 1st week of May, suggestions are welcome!
    Financial Report                        Blaise Kearney
    Grade Level Reps  
    1st grade: Teachers had asked for donations rather than holiday gifts, they adopted 2 families
    2nd grade: We will hold our assembly line lunch next week and our classroom market is coming up.  These activities tie in with our community/social studies curriculum
    5th grade: Any chaperones interested in the DC trip please be sure to obtain your clearances

    Assemblies    - MLK Day “Meet Dr. King”        Susan Foster

    MLK Day of Service
                        MaryAnne Troy
    This year we will have some SLMS students coming to help.
    We will have many community activities going on throughout the day.

     Sunshine – Teachers’ Gifts from PTG            Amy Donaghy
    The PTG has tech gloves for all staff, they will be delivered in their mailboxes tonight.

    Box Tops                            Amy Donaghy

    Contest will run through February 10th, class with most box tops will have Pizza Party with Mr. Bucci!!!
    WE COULD USE VOLUNTEERS – this is a great way to “Volunteer from Home”, sorting and counting.  If you are able to assist, please contact Amy.

    Display My Art fundraiser                Janine Fante
    Mr. Sharp is working with students to create their “masterpieces”, students will receive flyers showing their artwork and parents can then order online.
    Art Goes to School                        Janine Fante
    Students will visit AGTS during their art classes from January 30th to February 2nd.  Anyone interested in volunteering as a presenter is welcome to attend one of the sessions.  The presenters are a group of volunteers who meet weekly and discuss

    Yearbook                            Michelle Durkee
    Deadline submission is April 10th, “Yearbook Buy” will go live soon & flyers will be sent home
    Spring Pictures – Lifetouch February 28th / 5th grade Group Picture

    Oasis                                MaryAnne Troy
    Monday March 6th, if anyone is interested in taking over this fundraiser next year please talk to MaryAnne

    Book Fair                            Barbara Disipio

    Spring Book Fair & Parent Teacher Conferences will run March 1st through March 9th

    Girls on the Run                        Coleen Fickes
    Beginning Tuesday February 28th, every Tuesday & Thursday / 12 girls 3rd through 5th grades registered
    Practice 5K Thursday Aril 27th @ Indian Lane (Media?) 5K will be held Sunday May 21st at Montgomery CCC

    Pipeline Update                        Diane Smith

    There has been no decision by DEP since resubmitted, water study is underway.  The purpose is to test the watershed and determine the impact of water closest to the pipeline.  The coalition created a gofundme account to raise money toward the water tests.  At a recent township meeting, there was money set aside for Risk Assessment, the township met to pick which firm they would use for the study.  A Safety Summit has formed, members include a range of backgrounds: first responders, members of the coalition, Sunoco employees, etc.

    District Budget Committee                Diane Smith
    The budget committee held a preliminary meeting, they had introductions and discussed the purpose of the committee.  It was reassuring that all 25 members have the same goal in mind which they will share with the community.  There will be 4 general public meeting that everyone is welcome to attend, dates will be announced.


    Fundraiser Tuesday January 17th at Chick-fil-A for the AM Prom, please support this great committee.
    Vote to use Glenwood Helping Glenwood donations and give $100 to both the Kalinowski & Gommer family.

    Tuesday November 16 , 2016    
    6:30 pm Glenwood Cafeteria

    Welcome                            MaryAnne Troy

    Teacher Report
                            Rachael Pinsley
    Miss Pinsley is a 5th grade teacher and our Language Arts Coordinator for the building.  She said there are a lot of great things happening in 5th grade!  For the first time ever, the Glenwood 5th grade students were part of the Media Veteran’s Day Parade.  There was a lot of standing around, but there were some great conversations that came out of the day.  Students began asking questions about the veteran’s as various groups marched by, which brought some more meaning to them for the Veteran’s Day Holiday.
    Miss Pinsley & Mrs. Grace-Green’s classes entered an essay contest through the Rendell Center.  The question, “Should the electoral college be abolished?”.  The students weighed the pros and cons and had some great conversations. They submitted a 5 paragraph essay and Miss Pinsley’s class has been chosen as one of the 5 finalists!  They will win a trip to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, a tour and lunch, then they will give a 2-3 minute presentation in front of 4 judges, including Governor Wolff.  This essay was a great way to discuss the election as a class.
    All of our 5th grade classes are piloting some program.  Mr. Dieter is piloting Social Studies, he and his class are using the latest edition of our current program.  Mr. Keeler and Miss Pinsley are piloting a Science curriculum, the focus is more on scientific method.  There are many great things happening in 5th grade!

    Principal’s Report
                            Eric Bucci
    We have had a lot of great events going on… we had a WONDERFUL presentation of “The Signature Project” assembly.  Students and staff all enjoyed this amazing performance, which covered a wide range of topics and was a great reinforcement of our daily lessons.
    Truck or Treat was a success, about 26 cars participated and it there was such a great family atmosphere.
    Halloween parties were a lot of fun, a few years ago we changed the focus of these parties, by limiting the food and encouraging more activities.  It was amazing to see some of the games coordinated by our parents… and even more impressive, as the students were leaving they were commenting on the activities - - they all seemed to have a great time, and we couldn’t have asked for better parade weather!
    Clubs are up and running, we will have more starting after the winter break, stay tuned for more information.
    This week is American Education Week.  One of our events during this time it to invite parents to spend a “typical morning” with your students.  Our Open Houses will be held this Thursday & Friday.  Another great event is our Book Fair.  The sale will also be open during confrences, in case any parents would like to shop.
    Our 1st and 2nd grade students are working with our Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Spaulding on “good feelings” and sharing positive vibes with others.
    Thank you for all your parental support, weather it is volunteering for Tools for Success or sending in donations… or even attending tonight’s meeting!

    President’s Report                        MaryAnne Troy

     ● Thank you to Amy for organizing the The Kindergarten Get Together at Penncrest.  For future volunteers, a few things that went well: 1 ½ hour is an ideal time frame for the event, over-plan activities to keep the students active, using Penncrest as the location works really well, and everyone just really chipped in to help out.  All in all it was a great night.
    ● Thank you to Katie S. for organizing Trunk or Treat. There was so much creativity, and although this event was not intended as a fundraiser,
    Vote for Library Printer: This year's Scholastic Book Fair will be managed by Mr. Grisillo, with the help of parent volunteers.   Though funds will not be processed through the PTG, as they have been in the past, we did budget $450 to cover books for students in need and to supplement each teacher's classroom library.  Proceeds from the upcoming Book Fair will be received in the form of Scholastic "credits" and will provide the library with new books every year.    Mr. G has requested that the PTG please consider making a gift to the Library for a $150 printer and receipt paper.  The district will not approve the printer due to the uncertainty of the upcoming district wide budget.   Currently, whenever Mr. G. prints, he needs to run to the main office to pick up his copies.  With this purchase, Mr. G would be able to print out reminder notices for students and their parents during their library time, without having to leave his class unattended.

    He has created an Amazon “wish list” for these items, here is the link: https://amzn.com/w/1EMPQ8AAGCYQS

    Financial Report                        Blaise Kearney
    Our dues and donations are above expected, coupon book sales were a little under budget.  Trunk or Treat turned out great and Oasis has been steady.  Sky Zone sent a $400 check, the expenses so far have been The Signature Project assembly, 75% deposit on the Yearbooks, and Spirit Wear.  We will be submitting a check into the Student Activity fund – to be used for field trips – in December.

    Grade Level Reps    
    1st grade: celebrated Pumpkin Day, have an upcoming field trip to Adventure Aquarium and will adopt a family in need for the holidays.

    3rd grade: Enjoyed their Colonial Plantation field trip, thank you to the parent chaperones.

    Book Fair                            Barbara Disippio
    Friday was a Preview Day, all students visited with their classes to create a “wish list”.  Mr. G has transformed the library and is doing a great job with the fair… please stop by during conferences!

    Hospitality for Conferences                Liz Doyle & Marina Hepler
    A menu has been set for “Italian Night” on Monday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Tuesday.  We have received many donations from local restaurants, if anyone would like to help please let us know.  Thank you for all the donations from families.

    Girls on the Run                        Coleen Fickes
    We have reached the required number of participants and are still looking for more 3rd, 4th & 5th grade girls who may be interested.  This is a great program which focuses on being yourself, having fun, building self-esteem and positive relationships while encouraging healthy lifestyle including exercise.

    Spirit Wear                            Carol Umberger
    Sales have been great this year, they have well exceeded our expectations… for some of those items we do not keep in stock, we will have an online sale in February.  We also now have car magnets for sale.

    Assemblies                            Susan Foster
    We have heard so many wonderful compliments on The Signature Project, which was a more expensive show but very worthwhile.  It would be great to re-visit in 4-5 years.  The next upcoming show will be “Meet Dr. King” in January.

    Yearbook                            Michelle Durkee
    Please use the link to upload pictures.  If anyone would be willing to help with homeroom pages, we could use the help.

    SAB                                MaryAnne Troy
     District Wide Parent Safety Assembly
     MLK Day of Service 2017 – Friday January 13th

    Pipeline Update                Diane Smith
    RTMSD passed resolution of concern, now joining many townships and communities to show support.  Safety Summit should be underway in February.  The Sunoco Application with the EPA had a deadline of November 7th, in that application over 100 shortcomings were noted and Sunoco was granted an extension to push the new deadline to December 7th.  Please continue to show your support.  Under the Clean Air Council link, there is an automatic letter you can send to the DEP.  There will be a Joint Congressional Hearing tomorrow in Harrisburg, there is an impressive panel put together from our group, who will address these concerns.  Mr. Wigo has been asked by the coalition to join the panel.  The hearing will be on PCN and live streamed.
    Budget Committee – The district has hired an outside company to evaluate our budget for next year.  There will be open meetings for the public to share their opinions.

    Media Food Bank                        Susan Foster
    Currently Student Ambassadors have organized a food drive, soon the Junior Optimist club will be visiting the Media Food Bank to volunteer their time.

    Hoagie Sale                            Colleen Keinath
    This sale is ongoing, please send in any order forms to the main office.  Colleen has been fulfilling orders as they are received.

    Basket Bingo                        Nicole Backerman/Blaise Kearney
    Save the date for May 19th at Penncrest High School.

    Chick-fil-A                            Michele Durkee
    We will check on holding a fundraiser Thursday December 22nd from 3pm-7pm after our Sing-Along.

    Box Tops                            Amy Donaghy
    Box Top collection will officially begin in January, up  to February 10th.  There will be a special treat for the class collecting the most box tops.

    PTG Meeting
    Tuesday October 4, 2016    
    6:30 pm Glenwood Library

    Welcome                            MaryAnne Troy

    Teacher Report                         Karen Maher
    On behalf of the teachers, thank you for your support… all your support of your students at home, the end of year luncheon and conference days, assistance in the classrooms for our volunteers, field trips and assemblies offered by PTG, the supply kits worked out well, overall we just really appreciate the parent support system!

    Principal’s Report                        Eric Bucci
    This year is off to a great start, we currently have 443 students and are continuing to grow!  We had a great 94% turn out for our Back to School night, it is great to see the important home and school support.
    PSSA scores were sent home, we are in the midst of analyzing the School Performance Profile to determine how well we did as a school and where we have room for improvement.

    New Family Night was held the first week of school, it was well attended by our new families.
    Our before and after school clubs are getting started, we are pleased to be able to offer such a variety to students – and we have a few new clubs this year!
    We have a great group of teachers and staff and we are off a great start this school year!

    Financial Report                        Blaise Kearney
    Review of financial report.

    November Book Fair                        Barbara DiSippio
    Begins November 14th, Scholastic books & Mr. G could use volunteers – please sign up on the website.

    Assemblies                            Susan Foster
    Upcoming assemblies include “The Signature Project” on October 24th, author visit November 17th and we are working on a “Meet Dr. King” assembly in January.

    Yearbook                            Michelle Durkee
    We could use volunteers to take pictures, etc. – please contact Michelle.

    Kindergarten Get-Together                    Amy Donaghy
    Friday October 21st at Penncrest from 6:45 – 8 pm, students and their families will spend some time meeting, playing games and enjoying snacks.

    Trunk or Treat                            Katie Scheckner
    Saturday October 29th from 5-6pm (set up will begin at 4pm), please be sure to register… we are looking for decorated cars (Trunks on display do not pay).

    Girls on the Run                        MaryAnne Troy
    GOTR is a 10-week session for girls in 3rd-5th grades, the program encourages confidence, offers team-building & has a set curriculum to follow.  Training is provided for volunteers (we need 4 adults), registration begins in November and this after school program will run from February to May.

    Media Food Bank                        Susan Foster

    Basket Bingo                            Blaise Kearney
    Friday May 19th at Penncrest

    PAB / Pipeline                            Diane Smith
    Diane shared some information regarding the Pipeline based on her research and attendance at Middletown Township meetings.  She encourages everyone to join the Middletown Coalition for Community Safety – Mariner East II facebook page for daily updates.

    PTG Meeting  Minutes
    Glenwood Elementary School PTG Meeting
    Tuesday January 12, 2016 7:20 pm
    Glenwood Library

    Attendees: Michele Durkee, Barbara DiSipio, Janine Fante, Colleen Keinath, Blaise Kearney, Jen Schmidt, Marisa Kocak, Nicole Backerman, Amy Donaghy, Michele Kalinowski, MaryAnne Troy, Sue Flebbe, Dustin Learned, Coleen Fickes, Susan Foster, Eric Bucci, Mackenzie Omlor, Karen Maher     
    Welcome                                MaryAnne Troy
    Thank you to PHS student for providing childcare.
    Principal’s Report                            Eric Bucci
    Holiday Sing-Along went well, we had a great turn out and it really reminded us that Glenwood is a “community”.   And Chick-fil-A night was a lot of fun.  A few other updates, Diane Imburgia has been selected as our Teacher of the Year, a selection based on nominations by our staff.  She now represents our school in the Pennsylvania State Teacher of the Year program.  Our Geograhy Bee winner is Owen Steiner, 5th grade.  He will take a written test to determine his next level of competition.  Congratulations to all the 4th and 5th grade participants.  Our Student Ambassadors sponsored our Penny Competition, which brought in over $1300.  The overall winner was kindergarten, although 4th grade brought in the most pennies (over 6,000).  These monies are used toward our “Glenwood Helping Glenwood” fund.  We will be meeting with Lifetouch this week, if you have any questions or concerns please let us know.  Check your email for a letter from our School Nurse, Mrs. Lenton regarding lice.  Please note all field trip permission slips will now state that chaperones must have turned their clearances into the office at least 7 days prior to the trip so they may be verified.
    MLK Day of Service                            
    Friday January 15th, all students will participate in various activities centered around our “Day of Service” including writing letters to Fair Acres Residents and Veterans.  The day will end with an all-school assembly where students will view short video about Martin Luther King, Jr.  Please send in your donations, we are still collecting items for Cradles to Crayons and Media Food Bank.
    The letters to Veterans will begin a new program with our local group.  The student’s letters will be posted on a website “Veteran’s Legacy” and used as examples for other elementary schools.  Next year 5th grade students in  Rose Tree Media School District will participate in Media’s Veteran’s Day Parade.  
    The PTG is sponsoring an assembly on Friday January 22nd as a follow up
    President’s Report                             MaryAnne Troy

    Grade Level Representatives Report
    1st grade – celebrated “Grinch Day” and collected gifts for 2 families.  There will be 2 more upcoming field trips and 1st grade is preparing for their annual “Souper Bowl of Caring” food drive.
    3rd grade – has been working on non-fiction and is wrapping up their 2nd science cycle.
    4th grade – Permission slips for 4 upcoming field trips are going out, these are spaced out from April through June and the total cost for all of these trips is $25.  Please send in your child’s money and permission slip.
    Treasurer’s Report                             Blaise Kearney
    Overview of fundraisers and expenses:  Kid Stuff book sale, Wawa hoagie sale, and Fall Fest are included in recent deposits.  Chick-fil-A fundraiser generated $275.  We also recently received the bill for Chick-fil-A from the Fall Fest.  A deposit has been made for the yearbook, and a deposit for the buses for 5th grade’s trip to DC.


    Box Top Collection and Contest                     Michele Kalinowski
    Please submit all box tops to your classroom teacher by January 29th.  Contest for the classroom with the most labels will be a pizza party.  Please contact Michele mkalinowski4@verizon.net if you are able to help.
    Book Swap/Book Fair                            Colleen Keinath
    Thank you to Colleen, Barbara and other volunteers for this year’s Book Fair.  Colleen is looking for someone to take on this task for next year.  Barbara DiSipio has volunteered to chair the Book Swap beginning next year.  Barbara is also looking for library volunteers, the schedule is posted on the website.  Volunteers would need to be trained by Mr. G, they are looking for people to shelve books every morning from 9:30 – 10:30 am and also to help students when their classes visit the library.
    Yearbook                                Michele Durkee
    Order forms for the yearbooks will be sent to school soon.  Volunteers are wanted to take pictures and complete pages in the book.  Please contact Michele Durkee if you are able to help: chellebell80@gmail.com.
    Media Food Bank                            Susan Foster
    Jr. Optimist and Student Ambassadors have been organizing collections, the food bank now has an online donation option through http://www.youcaring.com/media-food-bank-475686 .  Thank you to all the donations and volunteers, it is much needed.
    Art Fundraiser                                Coleen Fickes
    Mr. Sharp is currently working with students on art projects.  They must be sent to Display My Art by February 2nd, we will receive the free magnets and brochures by February 17th and the orders are due by March 3rd.  Orders must be submitted online or over the phone, DMA will provide free shipping to your home if ordered during the allotted time.  The PTG will receive a 30% profit on orders placed.
    Sky Zone Fundraiser                            Gina Hamilton
    Wednesday February 10th – You may purchase your tickets online, they will fill up quickly.  The PTG will receive $4 back per jumper.  Tickets are $16 for 60 minutes, $20 for 90 minutes and $24 for 120 minutes.  (Sky socks are not included.)  The event will be held from 4pm – 8pm.  This will be a Family Night/No Homework.  The students will have a ½ day the next day (Thursday) and no school Friday February 12th due to President’s Weekend Holiday.
    Basket Bingo                                Nicole Backerman & Blaise Kearney
    Scheduled for Friday April 1st, 2016.  There will be a meeting at the end of January to begin preparation.

    Superintendent’s Advisory Board (SAB)                 MaryAnne Troy
    Meeting Notes from 1/6/16:
    Mr. Wigo reported that Tom Haupert has replaced Anne Callahan as Director of HR for the district.
    John Reid is the new principal at Indian Lane.
    Has spoken  with 6 principals about initiative focusing on cyber bullying/social media. Using a nationwide structured program to present to students in all grades, which is curriculum and research based.
    The 3 year contract with Apple is ending soon and we will need to determine whether student issued iPads will be renewed or replaced by new & different equipment.
    Housing Study in progress due to housing starts within the area. Expected population growth to exceed district capacity within 5-6 years. With potential of greatest impact to Glenwood.
    MLK Day of Service is on Friday, rather than Monday 1/18, school holiday.  Concerns were voiced about use of instructional time. Organizing committee felt that this allows a greater number of students to participate in community efforts, who do not have the means to make it to school on Monday 1/18.  District will reassess after 2016. District will pay for necessary supplies to support MLK during school hours in the future
    Focused on Penncrest issues: Weighted vs non weighted GPAs and impact on college admissions. Discussed having Guidance Counselors stretch and seek beyond their comfort schools.  For student led clubs at MS and HS level, are they responsible for the club’s financial reporting?

    ThreadUp Fundraiser                            Marisa Kocak
    Marisa proposed a new idea, Thread Up is an online consignment shop.  They provide pre-paid bags, you send your items through the post office.  Normally the company will take a % of sales, however for schools the offer  100% back.  They accept mint condition, brand-name items and will send the PTG a check twice a year (November and February).  There is also an option where they will donate 5% of your purchases back to the school.  Thred Up will accept children and women’s clothing as well as handbags.  They do not take men’s items.  For more information you may check the website, they have lists of accepted and not accepted items.

    October 13, 2015

    PRESENTATION: Mr. Keeler—Maker Faire
    “Maker Faire” is a program which provides a frame for people who like to create, for example building robots or making food, etc.  It is an outlet for people/children who want to have a stage for their creation.  “Makers” are people who make anything.  MaryAnne Troy will make websites available to parents who indicate interest, see below.  Middletown Library is currently involved in this, Mr. Keeler proposing to bring it to Glenwood.  A leadership team has been created to roll this out, currently Mr. Keeler, Mr. G and Miss Pinsley.  If anyone is interested in joining the team, please contact Mr. Keller.  Please look for more information to follow.
    Mr. Keeler has prepared the following link for those who are interested in learning more about the Maker Faire:
    PRESENTATION: Mr. Sharp—new Mural for school
    Our school’s last mural was created in 2012. Mr. Sharp has already applied for grant with Mr. Bucci’s approval. The proposal is for two 6x6 murals on either side of stage in the cafeteria from handmade ceramic tiles.  The cost will be $4000 plus $1000 materials and $400 admin fee.  The grant will cover $2000, however the remainder of the funds will need to be raised, PTG agreed to sponsor.  The creation of the mural will occur over a four day period, offered for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade student participation.  
    PRESENTAION: Art Goes to School—Janine Fante    
    Four volunteers are already involved from Glenwood in this program which is supported by RTMSD.  The group meets every Friday morning to go through a portfolio to choose which pieces will be discussed in the classroom.  Through this program the volunteers spend 40 minutes with each class to discuss art.  ANYONE can volunteer, PTG will work on recruiting at the Open House.  Last year over 100 classes were taught in the district so there is a need for volunteers.  
    PRINCIPAL: Mr. Bucci—
    We have a great start to the school year, all 429 students are settling in.  Consider nominating a teacher for Delaware County’s Excellence in Teaching Award, nominations must be submitted by February 5th.  
    The district has implemented a new Math program, Envision 2.0.  The teachers have attended some workshops to learn this new program and Mr. Bucci has observed all the classes, the transition has been going well.  Look for more information on a “Math Night” for parents, hopefully in early November.
    PSSA letters have been sent out.  At PAB meeting, Mr. Bucci explained that across state scores went down.  Although RTMSD hit the target, the target was moved and tests changed.  The math score results ranged in the high 60’s low 70’s.  Many students who did not reach proficient were very close.  There are current discussions about the number of days of testing, and other factors.  
    Mrs. Velios-Miller will be taking a leave, there were 78 applicants for position and a committee was created to choose her replacement.  The final candidate was submitted to school board for approval, the individual had experience at Glenwood as well as another district.
    The district website has changed, although they are still working on improvements.  The calendar is shown as a little building icon on the side.  If you click on an event in the calendar, a description and further detail will be shown.  
    MaryAnne added that RTMSD has created a focus group for suggestions on new website, please send comments to Coleen Fickes.  The RTMSD app is now available for your phone.
    PENNCREST will hold a presentation on drug abuse on Wednesday October 28 at Penncrest sponsored by NOPE.
    Carline has been going well, over 100 students are successfully loaded any given day.
    Second grade—Colleen K. reported that the teachers are working on new math program
    Fourth grade—Colleen K.  reported that 4th grade needs 2 liter bottles.  Thanks to PTG for financial assist for field trips.  Thank you for the funds for the Franklin Institute traveling show.  
    TREASURER—Blaise Kearney
    So far there will be one less fund raiser this year and our projected income dropped about $300 from last year.  There is an increase in expenses are more money added for field trips and money added for the 5th grade end of year activities.  So far this year, dues and donations are up from last year.  Kid Stuff coupon books are above the projected budget to date.  Wawa hoagie sales - started with 150 coupons and there are only six left.  Eventually this will show a $300 profit.  Colleen Keinath wants permission to order another 150 coupons.  Oasis monies are still being collected.  Second grade has used all their field trip money, however no other grades have used any money.
    Upcoming events
    10/23 Kindergarten Get Together: There is a large kindergarten class this year, with 66 students.  They need donations for snacks and drinks.  There is a link through sign up genius for donations.
    10/26 Oasis Family Fun Night: Order forms will be sent out next week, cost is $20 with early registration and $25 per child at door.  So far 70 children have registered.
    10/31 Fall Fest & Trunk or Treat:  Katie will set up a sign up genius through homeroom parents to get number of participants.  
    Media Food Bank—Susan will deliver a check for $200 to Media Food Bank.  Discussed and group agreed to 4 drives this year associated to different events each requesting a specific item.  Also discussed offering to have Glenwood families volunteer to help at the food bank (2nd and 4th Saturdays 110-11:00AM).  Susan offered to coordinate volunteers from Glenwood.  
    Sky Zone fundraiser: Gina Hamilton reported this would generate a max of $1000.  Gina will look into possibly February 11th.
    Touch a Truck: Carol Umburger reported we need a venue, looking to hold event in the spring with better weather.   This would be at no cost to Glenwood, community “trucks” would be available for touch as well as provide info.  Lots of easy interest in the community to bring trucks.
    Library: Mr. G  needs Library volunteers.  The new schedule has been posted on line, volunteers may either follow your class or choose a time slot.  
    PTG ordered laptop sticker/decals for Mr. G., at a cost of less than $600.  They will be here this week.
    8:20pm – Meeting adjourned

    PTG Meeting MINUTES
    Tuesday, March 10, 2015

    Attendees: MaryAnne Troy, Eric Bucci, Coleen Fickes, Barbara DiSipio, Katie Scheckner, Gina Hamilton, Susan Foster, Karen Katz, Melissa Finnegan, Amy Young, Stephanie Herman, Colleen Keinath, Janine Fante, Maria Anderson

    Guest Speaker: Ellen Williams, Administrative Director for Community Health Education from Crozer Keystone Health Systems, discussion “Raising a Fit Kid”

    Principal’s Report
        Hopefully spring is here…
    We just finished the 3rd grade Talent Show auditions, there was a lot of talent!
    At our pride assembly a few weeks ago, we highlighted student’s accomplishments and celebrated that as a school, the students reached their goal of 300 “Paws for Praise”!
    We also honored the state police as a way to reach out to community members.
    Conferences begin this week, the teachers are excited to share your student’s progress.
    We are officially changing the math program to “Envisions” through Pearsons and have been working closely with the middle school math department to ensure the transition.
    Guidelines for new clearances have been posted on the website
    The last day of school will be June 18th, and June 11th will remain an Inservice.
    PSSAs for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will begin April 14th thru 17th for ELA, 21st -23rd for Math and 4th grade Science will be held April 28th and 29th.

    President’s Report
         Non-Profit has been approved, papers are on file, need to get the Treasurer bonded

    There is some additional money in the reserve and with new information that we will not be financing any of the playground, the board is looking to spend some of this.  There was an executive board meeting held February 24th and the following items were voted on and passed: (1) to hold additional assemblies from the Franklin Institute for 4th and 5th grades at $900, funds from the “field trip budgets” to be used.  (2) To spend $50 and create a basket from the PTG to be presented at the Pride Assembly to the State Police. (3) $60 to purchase a video camera used for the Newspaper Club.

    In light of new information on clearances needed, we will review upcoming elections earlier this year.  Also discussion to revise board positions as representative from each grade rather than VP K-2 or 1st year Directors.

    The following is a tentative slate with vacant positions in bold:
    Executive Board:
    Co-Presidents         MaryAnne Troy and Gina Hamilton
    Executive VP            Susan Foster
    VP – Grade Level Reps    K , 1, 2, 3, 4, 5    
    Treasurer            May Mai
    Secretary            Coleen Fickes
        Oasis            MaryAnne Troy
        MLK Day        Kathy Randazzo
        Bingo Night                                           
        5th Grade Chair    Carol Umburger
        Homeroom        Michele Durkee and Aimee Kimmel
        Fall Fest        Katie Scheckner
        Coupon Book    Coleen Fickes / Colleen Keinath
        Art Fundraiser    Coleen Fickes
        Yearbook        Michele Durkee
        Assemblies        MaryAnne Troy / Susan Foster
        Spirit Wear        Carol Umburger
        Public Relations
        Hospitality        Maria Anderson and Aimee Kimmel
        Book Fair        Colleen Keinath
        Display Cases
        K Get-Together    Michele

    We are seeking volunteers for the following board positions: One Grade Level Rep for each year as well as a chairperson for the following committees: Bingo Night, Sunshine, Public Relations and Display Cases.  

    Treasurer’s Report
    A few items which exceeded expected budget: donations (which was a new item included in the super-pack this year), dues, Target rebates, and Chick-fil-A night.

    Chick-fil-A Night – looking to hold another night in the spring due to the success this year.

    Spirit Wear – orders will be taken online, items will include hooded sweatshirt, long tee

    Square One Art - successful this year, based on prelim we have qualified to receive additional 5% profit.  This is assuming we have 181 orders or 45% participation.

    Bingo Night will be held April 24th.  We are looking for a co-chair if anyone is interested.

    Glenwood 5K and 1K walk– hope to hold this in the fall in conjunction with Fall Fest

    Yearbook forms have been distributed, base cost per book $19, orders due April 10

    3rd Grade Talent Show: Committee of parent volunteers has been created to run this year’s show which will be held April 10th at SLMS.  Third grade students have been invited to sign up and participate as a performer, stage hand, or additional help.  The first rehearsal (auditions) will be held March 9th and 10th with a dress rehearsal on April 9.

    5th Grade Activities: There are many activities rolling out for our 5th graders.  The District Wide 5th Grade Fun Night will also be held at the Rocky Run YMCA (although this is a dry event), on Friday May 8th.  All 5th grade students will receive a complimentary t-shirt which may be worn on their Washington, DC trip May 27th.  The Recognition Ceremony/Luncheon tentatively scheduled for Wednesday June 10th and volunteers are working out details including a menu, theme, and a memory book as well as DVD which will be included in each student’s ‘gift bag’.  The committee meets 30 minutes prior to each PTG meeting.  
    We will also be holding another “Duffer’s Night” on June 10th, with a “pay it forward”… whatever monies raised that night will be marked and used for next year’s 5th grade for their end of year activities.

    Glenwood Elementary School
    Tuesday January 13, 2015


    Call to Order 7:05pm

    Welcome & Introduction     
                                                      Carol Umberger & MaryAnne Troy
    Attendees: Eric Bucci, MaryAnne Troy, Carol Umberger, Coleen Fickes, Stephanie Herman, Susan
    Foster, Maria Anderson, Monica Brown, Mrs. Grady, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Finnegan, Lesley Psaris,
    Karen Katz, Sue Flebbe

    Principal’s Report      
                         Eric Bucci
    Welcome back, we had a great end to 2014 by our sing-a-long, it was a great time for everyone.  We are pleased to announce Mrs. Vellios-Miller will be Glenwood’s Teacher of the Year representative.  Quick announcement, the cafeteria staff has requested we change snack day to Thursday (instead of Friday).  

    There is a new law in the state of PA effective January 1, 2015 regarding clearances.  Anyone working in the school (employee or volunteer) must have all 3 clearances (background, fingerprint and child abuse clearance).  Anyone who has scanned in this year will be grandfathered in, however you will be required to obtain the clearances by the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.  Anyone who has not scanned in prior to December 31st, 2014 must begin the process for your clearances in order to volunteer in the building, including field trip chaperones.  

    MLK Day of service will be held January 19th, please sign up as it is a great day.  We will be collecting items to donate to Cradles to Crayons and will also put together breakfast bags.

    Thank you to the PTG, tomorrow the entire school will be treated to a “George Washington Carver” assembly (sponsored by the PTG).

    President’s Report                            Carol Umberger & MaryAnne Troy
    December we held a Board Meeting to work on some ‘housekeeping’, this is an effort to keep our monthly meetings to an hour.  Thank you to all those who attended our Chick-fil-A fundraiser, we received about $300 profit.  Another point which was discussed is our reserve.  We have some money set aside (that we could have used for the playground), and have decided we are going to reallocate the money given to each grade for field trips.  We believe this will benefit all students and we hope to make these trips less of a cost to the students.  We are tossing around an idea to make a “Language Club” available to students, we need to brainstorm further.  Our upcoming fundraisers include Skate Night, Oasis, Basket Bingo and Touch a Truck.  More information to follow.

    Treasurer’s Report
    Changes since the last PTG meeting:
    Revenues: Earned $129 from the Learning Express Fundraiser.
    Anticipating $315 from the Chick-fil-A Fundraiser.
    Expenses include: payments for 2 school wide assemblies, totaling $1590.
    A deposit of $3056 toward the 2015 yearbook has been made.

    Please see the financial statement.

    Committee Reports
        5th Grade Committee                    Coleen Fickes & Karen Katz
        5th grade parents have been meeting prior to each PTG meeting.  Here is an outline of what   
               we discussed tonight:
            - Service Project: We have an idea to begin a community project for our 5th graders,
               to partner with another elementary school (Indian Lane) and volunteer the student’s
            time at the Media Food Bank.  This would be a way our students to meet and work
            with 5th graders from another school.  
            - 5th Grade Fun Night: The event is scheduled for Friday May 8th, from 6pm- 9:30pm.

    - Yearbook
    Members of our board have considered Barksdale and met with them this week.  We are still contracted thru Lifetouch until next year but will continue to look into options.  
    Please send any pictures you may have to be included in this year’s yearbook.

    - Book Fair
    Thank you to everyone for their support.  If you have any unwanted books (especially chapter books), please set them aside for the upcoming Spring Book Swap.

    - Boxtop Contest ends Friday January 30th, please remember to send your boxtops.

    - Oasis Fundraiser will be held Thursday March 12th.

    - SAB - Karen K reports that negotiations are still ongoing for the teacher’s employment contract.

    - Glenwood 5K - Susan Foster is looking into locations, including Arasapha Farm.

    - Basket Bingo – possible dates Fridays in April: either 10, 17 or 24th.

    Meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm, next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 10th at 6:30pm.

    Glenwood Elementary School
    Tuesday November 11, 2014


    Call to Order

    Welcome & Introduction                                                       Carol Umberger & MaryAnne Troy
    Attendees: Eric Bucci, MaryAnne Troy, Carol Umberger, Karen Katz, Katie Scheckner,
    Maria Anderson, Janine Fante, Barbara DiSipio, Susan Foster, Colleen Keinath, Sue Flebbe,
    Dana Vellios-Miller, Lisa Dailey, Monica Brown, Julie Fiumara, Coleen Fickes, Pat Hacik,
    Cathy Randazo, Mansta Korak

    Guidance Report                            Dana Vellios-Miller
    Mrs. Vellios-Miller attended a conference regarding social skills, and has found it interesting relating her experiences to the students as she has been incorporating her training with her groups.

    She has partnered with Rose Tree Elementary and co-created a book club for parents.  Currently the group is reading “Queen Bees and Wannabees” by Rosalind Wiseman.  She shared a few favorite takeaways from the book.  She has enjoyed the book club and hearing the parents share their home experiences and the counselors can add a “school perspective”.

    Reader’s Workshop Program                    Julie Denton Fiumara
    Mrs. Fiumara wanted to check in with Readers Workshop and encourage parents to help their students find the “just right books”.  They may have a book they can read the words, but ensuring the book is on their level allows them to ‘dig deeper’.  There are many resources to find the reading levels, you may check with their teacher, there are reading lists or check with the library.  Ways to help your student at home are to ask the teacher for talking points about the book your child is reading or read their post its.  We are currently talking of a “depth and breath” strategy to support strong readers.

    Principal’s Report                            Eric Bucci
    The Halloween Parade and parties went well, we will be holding our Open House November 20 and 21st.  The Student Ambassadors have created a fun week for American Education Week, Monday will be “Mix it up” day during lunches students will sit with different friends, the theme will be Dr. Seuss.  Tuesday is Sports Day, Wednesday the Student Ambassadors will host a Bus Driver Appreciation breakfast (we are the only school in the district who recognizes our drivers), Thursday is “Future Day”, students dress as their dream profession, and Friday will be Glenwood Spirit Day.  Conferences will be held Monday evening, Tuesday day and evening.  There will be no school for students Tuesday thru Friday.  Thank you to the PTG Hospitality for providing meals for the teachers during the two days of conferences.  Glenwood will present at the November 20th School Board Meeting and we will feature the four 2nd grade “mayors”.   These students have been voted in by their classmates and it is tied in with the 2nd grade community unit.  Mr. G would like to give a special thank you to all the library volunteers, it has been extremely helpful!

    Mr. Bucci shared the School Performance Profile, this is a score calculated by the PA Department of Education and is their way to evaluate teachers, principals, and administration.  Last year Glenwood scored an 83.1, our new score this year is an 86.6.  Our students have shown advanced or proficient in the following: 95.1 Math, 90.82 Reading, 100% Science (4th grade only), 87.69 for Writing (5th grade only).  Mr. Bucci may put together a separate meeting to review the report in greater detail for those interested.
    Mr. Wigo has advised that the district is responsible for the playground, the district will patch the green surface in the spring.  This brings new light in recent discussions where the PTG was looking to raise funds for the playground.  While the district may decide a reasonable addition or update to the playground, anything above could be added with the help of the PTG.  We may look into options at a later date.

    President’s Report                            Carol Umberger & MaryAnne Troy
    Lisa Daily gave an update on the non-profit status, she has filed with PA and there are some new obligations the PTG must follow.  She will file an application with the IRS and there will be notice advertised so you may see us in the local papers.  Moving forward the PTG will be required to file only if over $50,000 profit is reported and any changes to officers must be submitted.  We will also need to change to bi-laws to reflect these updates.

    Update on Directory: next year, all parents will need to enter their own contact information onto the district web site, in order to be included in the directory. The PTG will no longer be responsible for collecting and printing this information

    Treasurer’s Report
    To date we have $10k from our fundraisers, which is on track for our $20k budget for the year.  
    Recent additions include the Coupon Book fundraiser, which brought in almost $1900 and Oasis for $3400.  We will be depositing $1100 soon from the Fall Fest proceeds.  For expenses, we have paid out $3000 as a deposit to Lifetouch for our 2014-2015 yearbooks.

    Committee Reports

    - Book Fair                            Colleen Keinath
    Colleen will be setting up Friday November 17th at 3:30pm, volunteers are welcome.  We are also looking for volunteers to come in during the book sale, please look for the sign-up genius.  Siblings are welcome to come in, help is especially needed for the students in younger grades.  This will no longer be used as a fundraiser, we will be offering a 25% discount to all students.

    - Glenwood 5K        
                    Susan Foster
    Susan has met with two other parents, they are hoping to hold this first event in late spring and possibly on a Friday night.  She is looking into locations, and will incorporate a “Fun Run” for the kids.

    - Oasis                            Karen Katz
    Karen will look at potential dates for the 2nd Oasis night, possibly March.

    - OTHER

    We will be holding a fundraiser at the Learning Express in Havertown November 17th thru 21st, you will receive a 10% discount when you present your Glenwood letter at time of purchase and the PTG will receive 10% back of all sales.

    We are looking for a date for a Chick-Fil-A fundraiser, more information will follow.

    We would like to plan for a Touch a Truck event in the spring, and are looking for community members or families that have businesses and would like to participate.  If you are interested, please contact Katie Scheckner or Carol Umberger

    Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.  The next meeting will be held Tuesday January 13th, 2015.

    PTG Minutes
    Tuesday October 14, 2014
    6:30 pm Glenwood Library

    Carol Umburger, MaryAnne Troy, Coleen Fickes, Susan Foster, Michele Durkee, Stephanie Herman, Pat Hacik, Janine Fante, Karen Katz, Colleen Keinath, Maria Anderson, Gina Hamilton, Barbara DiSipio, Eric Bucci, May Mai, Lauren Barcgelyc, Charles Keeler, Rachael McKee, Debbie Taylor, Marisa Kocak

    PRESENTATION:                                 Mariana Lamaison Sears
        FAIR TRADE / Sustainability Presentation – Media Elementary School

    Teacher’s Report:
    Debbie Taylor, School Nurse
    - Follow up on Halloween prep and initiative for “healthier” parties
    - Head lice e-alert sent out recently, (nothing unusual) once a case is reported the entire class is checked and followed up 2 weeks later than monitored as needed.  Please reinforce with your children not to share combs, hats, etc.  Mrs. Taylor has found that a “Robicomb” Lice Guard works well if you are interested helpful products.

    Mr. Keeler, 5th grade teacher

    - It has been great to see as a teacher how much the bar has been raised for the curriculum and how much ‘rigor’ the students are showing, putting in so much effort and hard work.  
    - Glenwood offers more clubs than any other elementary school, and 3 more have been added this year.  Mr. Keeler promotes a number of the clubs, he announced there will be a magic club, rocketry, yoga, running & walking club, etc.  Please look out for more information…

    Principal’s Report:                                Eric Bucci
    - Thank you to everyone for coming out tonight, it is great to see such a big turnout.
    - Our 399 students are off to a great start of their year!
    - We have 12 new staff, including a newly hired math tutor and Interventionist
    - We held a Pride Assembly this past Friday (Woody was there!) and had a wonderful presentation from Rocky Run Fire Company.  Eagle Scout Blake Blosinsky was honored.
    - Students achieved 120 paws (which is a reward token for following our 3 goals of ready, respectful, and responsible) and Student Ambassadors decided on a pajama day which will be held 10/17.
    - Conferences coming up, site will go live Monday October 20th.  If you have any issues please contact your child’s teacher.
    - Halloween parade and parties will be held Friday October 31st, teachers have been coming up with projects and games during the parties.  All are welcome to the parade, parents only (no siblings) are invited to the parties in the classrooms.
    - Field Trips and Chaperones – our scanning system is updated every 3 months, please pass the word if you have already scanned into our system you are ok!  (You no longer have to go to PHS for scan.)
    - SLMS is hosting an internet safety presentation this Thursday, which is highly recommended for at least one member of your family (parent) to attend.
    - Thank you to the PTG for their support, we lost a staff member – Debbie Preg.  We are looking into ways to help honor her in the future.
    - We are off to a great start, thank you for your continued support.

    Treasurer’s Report                                May Mai

    - See Attached Report
    Superintendent’s Advisory Board (SAB)                    Karen Katz
    - Mr. Wigo spent the majority of the meeting discussing the new report card and PSSA results
    - “Writer’s Workshop” has been introduced based on areas for improvement for the district

    Playground Committee                            Carol Umburger
    - Meeting held last night, we have a FIRST draft and gained some ideas.  We will continue to research and give updates

    Non-Profit Status                                MaryAnne Troy
    - Motion to become non-profit, have a volunteer who will submit paperwork and file… will give update

    Sunshine                                    Colleen Keinath
    - Teacher gifts: everyone received a Glenwood fleece blanket (cost was $7 each)

    Oasis                                    Karen Katz
    - Successful fundraiser, 100% profit to PTG due to generous donation of facility.  Will look into 2nd date.

    Book Fair                                    Colleen Keinath
    - Suggestion to turn book fair into fundraiser… school is given 25% discount on each book.  Vote determined that 5% would be used for PTG fundraiser, 20% discount given to students/families

    Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm, next meeting will be held Tuesday November 11, 2014 at 6:30 pm.

    Glenwood Elementary School PTG Minutes
    Tuesday March 11, 2014 6:30pm

    PRESENT: Eric Bucci, Debbie Taylor, Lesley Psaris, Carol Umburger, Sue Flebbe, Stephanie Herman, Coleen Fickes, MaryAnne Troy, Susan Foster, Michele Durkee.


    GUEST SPEAKER: AnnMarie Koveal – RTM Relay for Life
    The event will be held Saturday May 17th, 2014 from 10 am – 10 pm.  It will be a “carnival-like” theme and everyone is encouraged to participate!  There was a group discussion regarding a “Glenwood” team.  More details will follow including sign-up and volunteers needed, promotions leading upto the event as well as fundraising possibilities for our team.

    PRINCIPAL’S REPORT:                                Mr. Eric Bucci
    Thank you to the PTG for supporting the Jackie Robinson Assembly, it was a great celebration for Black History Month and the students enjoyed the presentation.

    The calendar has been updated to reflect changes made due to our snow days used, we appreciate families who have submitted forms for any planned vacations during those days.

    PSSAs are approaching for third thru fifth grade students (although they have been pushed back a week).  Teachers are working to reduce the student’s stress levels during these times, they have been discussing with their classes some suggestions and approaches to these tests, reminding them to take their time, etc.  We appreciate your support at home and welcome any suggestions you may have.

    There are two new picnic tables on the playground now, which were purchased from the school budget, the students have been enjoying them the last two days (of outdoor recess!).  We are considering ideas to create a shaded area.  We will also be purchasing a replacement bench.

    The new sound system has been installed in the cafeteria, it will be used for the first time on Friday at Bingo Night.  An e-alert was sent out tonight with a Bingo Night reminder.

    We began a new Paws for Praise Program which has been very positive, it has re-emphasized our goals to be ready, be respectful, be responsible.  We are close to reaching our goal of 100 Paws, and once accomplished we will have a special activity for the entire school.

    TEACHER’S REPORT:                                Mrs. Debbie Taylor
    Thank you to the PTG for keeping the teachers well fed during conferences, we appreciate all the PTG’s generous support.

    PRESIDENT’S REPORT:                                Lesley Psaris
    Playground Proposal

    Playcare, Inc. proposes to work with Glenwood Elementary School to develop a master plan for the improvement of the PLAYGROUND
    Phase One:
    •Develop sketch plan of the play area based on ideas generated at the initial meeting.
    •Schedule a meeting with all interested parties to present the sketch plan, gather feedback and decide on a course of action for the playground.
    Phase Two
    •Develop a master plan for the improvement of the playground. The master plan will consist of a site plan, images of play equipment and site furnishings and a budget for all costs that will be incurred to fulfill the plan. This budget will be based on specified equipment and site work.
    •The playground and equipment designs will meet the recommendations of the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission's Public Playground Safety Handbook, the ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Playground Equipment Safety for Children aged Two to Twelve. The ASTM F1292 Standard for Impact Attenuation for surfacing systems. Standards F2075 and/or F2479 for specific surfacing requirements, The ASTM F1951 Standard to assess  accessibility of surfacing systems and The ASTM F2049 Standard for Fencing and Barriers for Playgrounds. The plan will include all requirements of the ADA Law.
    Phase Three:
    •Assist Glenwood Elementary School in purchasing play equipment, site amenities and surfacing materials and in finding a contractor who has Certified Playground Safety Inspector credentials.
    Phase Four:
    • Perform a final inspection of the playground before it is opened for use by children. Assist Glenwood Elementary School in developing an inspection and maintenance program for the continued safety of the playground.

    Submitted by,
    Elizabeth H Caesar Med., CPSI
    President – Playcare, Inc

    *Since I was involved in the initial design of the play area and already have a site plan of the existing playground, I am able to keep my consulting fee relatively low. However, if the committee decides that they would like to develop a walking track in the upper area of the playground I would need to survey the field area and generate a new site plan. The additional fee for this service would be; $1,500.00

    Background/Financial: In September 2013, we discussed the possibility of the playground's renovation and at the time, decided set aside $2.5k in this current year's budget, in the event that we should need to start this inevitable project.
    Discussion: Betsy has been involved with other schools within the district at a similar capacity and comes highly recommended.  She has a very unique background combining architecture and school playgrounds.  She's up to date with regulations and laws pertaining to playground equipment.  And, rather than representing the vendor, she is considering several vendors in a general contractor sort of role while considering several vendors' products and our needs.  Board members not present Gina Hamilton and Karen Katz gave their approval.  Jenny Dresden abstained.
    Motion: made by Lesley Psaris to continue with Play Care at cost of $2,000.00, second by Stephanie Herman.  Motion passed by unanimous vote to proceed.

    Kid Stuff and Entertainment Book – Suggestion we continue selling both books next year.

    Duffer’s Tavern on 352 – will host “Glenwood Night” Wednesday April 30th (which is No Homework/Family Night).  Mention Glenwood to your server, there will be a penny discount on your bill and Duffer’s will donate 20% of total sales back to the school.

    BASKET BINGO: To be held this Friday night, over 115 participants have pre-purchased tickets.  Tickets will also be available at the door.  There is a volunteer list on Sign-Up Genius if anyone is interested in helping – this should be a fun event and has already proven to have a great turnout.

    Book Swap: Discussion to hold end-of the year book swap where students can donate used books then exchange them for some summer reading.  We would need volunteers to help collect and sort.  
    More details to follow, currently looking to create a committee for this project.

    TREASURER’S REPORT:                                MaryAnne Troy
    In September, we projected the Glenwood PTG would earn over $21k from our fundraising efforts for the 2013-2014 school year.
    As of the end of February, we are on track to do so, as we have earned $16.k year to date. Unless, we go over budget on specific line items, our expenses, currently at $11k, are on track for the year.
    •  January's Oasis Night brought in $2.8k, for a grand total of $7.6k in proceeds for the year, contributing over 1/3 of our revenues.
    •  The Box Top Collection will earn $1.2k. Many thanks to all for clipping and saving their labels throughout the year
    •  Square 1 Art Fundraiser, which finishes up this week, is expected to gain $2.4k in profits, which exceeds the budget by almost $1k
    • A payment of $4.7k has been paid to the Lifetouch as a deposit for this year's sale of the Yearbook
    • Field Trip payments have been towards the 5th Grade DC Trip, the 4th Grade Franklin Institute trip, & the 2nd Grade Tyler Arboretum trip
    • Thanks to help from the district, we paid less $500 for Bright Star's Jackie Robinson Assembly, presented on February 11th
    • Deposits have been paid out for 5th Grade Activities, like the Pool Party
    • Payments to B&E Sportwear were made for the Holiday Gifts for teachers. They were greatly appreciated.
    The most current PTG Financial Report is available on line, visit:  www.rtmsd.org/Page/5553

    Recruitment and vacancies for 2014-2015 positions is underway.  We will need volunteers to chair committees including Sunshine, Field Day, Head Homeroom Parents, 5th Grade, Spirit Wear.  Updates will be posted, if you are interested in becoming involved please contact us!

    Security scans have been installed in all buildings in RTMSD.  Badges have been distributed to all staff which allows them to scan in and enter the buildings rather than ‘buzz’ in at the office.

    3rd Grade Talent Show is coming up, rehearsal times have been adjusted (earlier in the evening) since they are the week of PSSA testing.

    4th Grade Chorus Concert will be rescheduled due to PSSAs.

    Yearbook is coming along, thanks to Michele Durkee.  Discussion of the agreement with Lifetouch for school pictures and yearbook – Coleen Fickes will review and compare some other companies.

    5th Grade picture was taken in the large group room (due to weather restrictions), possibly reschedule for another picture once it is warmer outside.

    Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

    PTG Minutes
    Tuesday January 7, 2014
    6:30pm Library

    Present at meeting were:  Co-President Lesley Psaris, Principal Eric Bucci, Gina Hamilton, Sue Flebbe, Stephanie Herman, Karen Katz, Coleen Fickes, Anthony Grisillo and 6 other parents

    Guest Speaker:                                        Anthony Grisillo
    - Mr. G has been awarded PA Teacher of the Year 2014
    - Each year one teacher is nominated by the staff to represent their school, and Mr. G was nominated by Rose Tree Elementary.  (Rachael Pinsley was nominated by Glenwood last year – Keith Sharp has been nominated this year).   We are proud that all 6 candidates nominated last year in RTMSD moved onto the semi-finals for the state!!!  ((We assume there are roughly 40 semi-finalists.))  Of those, two moved onto the finals and were invited to a dinner in Harrisburg for the final announcement.  
    - The process involved the candidates submitting a resume, letters of recommendation, essays, filming a lesson, and another round of essays.  
    - Mr. G has been honored and says that teachers cannot do what they do without parental support so thank you!  He described that in one of his essays he discussed community involvement and he sited that he has such great colleagues that attribute to his success.  He said this has been a very neat experience and he looks forward to the upcoming months.  
    - Mr. G has already given a few presentations and has speaking engagements throughout his year (many of these have thankfully occurred over the weekends, so he is not taken away from his classroom).  He will spend a week in Arizona at a conference and he will move onto National nomination which includes one week in Washington, DC – where he will meet the President!!!
    - Mr. G addressed that he was featured on FOX morning news, and chose to have it filmed at Glenwood which he describes as his “home”.   He has taught at various elementary schools in the district but has been at Glenwood for all of his 16 years with RTMSD.
    - We are very proud to have Mr. G as part of the Glenwood Community, are pleased that he will be representing our school – and district, and wish him luck in the upcoming National competition!!!

    Principal’s Report:                                    Eric Bucci
    - Thank you for attending tonight’s meeting
    - We are almost halfway into the school year, I’m sure those in attendance can agree that the Sing-A-Long was a fantastic way to end the 2013 school year before break.  We have been revisiting some of the activities in the schools (with safety as the top priority) and we are fighting to keep events like that possible.
    - We have an upcoming Pride Assembly on Friday February 7th where students can celebrate their Glenwood Pride.
    - MLK Day of Service will take place Monday January 20th, we are working together and taking collections for PhilABundance as well as Cradles to Crayons.
    - Our Penny Competition for “Glenwood Helping Glenwood” raised over $1,000, it was great to see the student pride.
    - We have been focusing on our Glenwood Goals: Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.  We are hoping that students (with parents help) can make that connection between home and school.
    - We are working on a Book 1 activity (with Mrs. Vellios-Miller) regarding Acceptance/Diversity, we have a rainbow loom bracelet activity.
    - We have some “Buddy Classes”, kindergarten and 3rd grade classes are paired up, 1st and 4th, and 2nd grade with 5th.  We have some activities planned throughout the year and it is great to see the connection between older and younger students working together.
    - Relay for Life is a district wide event, will be held Saturday May 17th.  This year the organizers are hoping for more elementary school involvement so they have made some changes to make the event more “festive-like”, as well as changed the times so it will be held from 10 am to 10 pm.  The event will focus on cancer prevention, education and ultimately celebrate the survivors.  Please look for more information to follow and consider participating.

    Treasurer’s Report:            Reviewed by Lesley, based on notes submitted by MaryAnne Troy    
    - Fundraiser Activity: Awaiting small proceeds from the December Five Below Fundraiser.  Our next big fundraiser is Oasis, scheduled for Monday January 27th.  Glenwood continues to welcome new families to our school.  Many thanks to everyone for their support as annual dues are still being collected.
    - Expenses: Thanks to your participation in Glenwood Fundraisers, the following is possible: Jabberwocky Book Fair in November generated over $6700 in sales!  The Jabberwocky Book Company provides students and staff with books at 75% of retail cost during this week long event.  The PTG spent $315 in supplying books to each classroom and assisting with Glenwood Helping Glenwood efforts.  An early payment discount from Jabberwocky for $186 will be used to purchase books for the library.  Many thanks to families who purchased books and donated money to the library!  $100 deposit has been paid to the YMCA to host the 5th Grade Pool Party.  Any questions on the report please email maryannetroy@comcast.net .

    Bricks For Kids Presentation:
    - This is a LEGO based program (by an outsourcing company) providing after school enrichment
    - There is a 6-session progressive module on various curriculum and topics specific to each location
    - Discussion of the possibility bringing this program to Glenwood, cost is approximately $15 per child for a one-hour class and typically a student would sign up for a ‘session’.
    - Suggested by parent to proceed, will need additional approval and information to follow.

    President’s Report/ Round Table/Announcements:                    Lesley Psaris
    - We have many upcoming events,
    o Square One Art is an art fundraiser Mr. Sharp is working with each student to submit a piece of their work, parents may then order this artwork on items such as mugs, shirts, even iPad cases.  
    o MLK Day of Service – information has been sent home and we will be collecting items
    o Bingo Night will be held March 14th, we will be sending the guidelines for baskets to HR parents
    o Buy a Brick – we hope to hold a short-sale within a month for anyone still interested.
    o We will begin an assessment of committees and develop a list of opportunities to post as we begin to recruit for 2014/2015 - including two new committees: General Fundraising (to handle local opportunities at Pappones, Ritas, Chick FilA, Skate Rink, etc) and Playground Enhancement Committee (to develop a 5yr plan to maintain and upgrade our playground).

    Meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.