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Message from the Superintendent



A Message from the Superintendent


The Rose Tree Media School District continues to support creating a safe and supportive school environment for our students and staff. In June of 2018, Governor Wolf signed Act 44 of 2018 into law to support comprehensive school safety measures in the Commonwealth. As part of this law, all schools in Pennsylvania are required to implement the Safe2Say Something (SS2S) Program, an anonymous reporting mechanism for students, staff, and community members to report behavior perceived to be threatening to an individual or school entity. The Safe2Say Something Program was developed by Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit organization formed following the tragic 2012 school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


A District SS2S Team participated in training in December for the Safe2Say Something Program and is currently reviewing training materials for training students and staff on how to use this tool. The Safe2Say Something Program allows individuals to submit secure and anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene when unsafe and/or harmful behaviors take place.  The tips can be submitted via the app, online, or a dedicated hotline, and each tip is reviewed by the Safe2Say Something call center housed in the Office of Attorney General.  The call center will process and refer each tip to the appropriate school teams, the 911 call center, and local law enforcement according to the level of threat.


The Safe2Say Something Program will replace the District’s previous reporting mechanism (FriendWatch) and provide a uniform reporting tool across the Commonwealth. We also continue to encourage students, staff, and community members to speak directly with a teacher or administrator if they have a concern about their safety or the safety of others.


How does it work:

1) A tip is submitted via mobile app, website, or hotline.

2) The tip is fielded by the crisis center at the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s 

     Office to gather sufficient information to act on it.

3) The tip is then simultaneously delivered to the 911 Call Center, the impacted school,

     and local law enforcement.

4) The school and law enforcement assess and intervene with the at-risk individual(s).

5) The school then closes out the tip and reports actions taken as a record for their school.


The Safe2Say Something Program will go online in Pennsylvania on January 14.


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