Welcome to the Lion's M.A.N.E. Homepage!


M.A.N.E. = “Mature Adults Nurturing Education.” 

The Lion’s M.A.N.E. is a group for senior citizen residents of the Rose Tree Media School District.  RTMSD has long valued the support and participation of our local senior citizens, which help us to maintain our award-winning,


 excellent educational programs.


Members of Lion's M.A.N.E. receive the Lion's M.A.N.E. Gold Card, are invited to a fall luuncheon, can serve on a Senior Citizens Advisory Council, can offer panel discussion presentations for students,
                       and attend a variety of annual school events for free or at discounted prices.
The members of the Senior Citizens Advisory Council serve as informal advisers to the district on issues and areas of interest to senior citizens and for the overall improvement of the educational environment. Senior Citizens can join at any time.
Persons with questions regarding Lion's M.A.N.E., wishing to add names or remove names from the mailing list should contact Meg Barney, 610-627-6263 or e-mail mbarney@rtmsd.org. Thank you.