About Rose Tree

  • Located in Media, Rose Tree Elementary provides students with a wide variety of opportunities that prepare them for success as they move onto middle school and high school. Our focus is on ensuring a culture of excellence for every student, while helping them develop the necessary life skills and emotional intelligence that will allow them to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. 

    RTE’s core curriculum features language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, library, music, and physical education instruction. Students also take part in music education, along with the option to participate in chorus, band, and orchestra starting in fourth grade. 

    At RTE, we foster community engagement among students while nurturing the social, emotional, and physical wellness of our students and staff. We promote self-care and mindfulness among all members of our school community, striving to support students' individuality and the countless number of ways young people can learn and grow. 

  • Principal Jenny Robinson