Principal / Superintendent Advisory Board

  • The Principal's Advisory Board (PAB) is a group of grade-level parent representatives who meet with the principal to discuss issues brought up by parents. Parents may contact the PAB representative for their child’s grade about any issues, concerns, or suggestions.

Principal Advisory Board Representatives

  • Kindergarten:

    • Virginia Enslein
    • Dave Laden

    1st Grade:

    • Megan Moore
    • Kelly Pennington

    2nd Grade:

    • Casey Girardi
    • Ana Dougherty

    3rd Grade:

    • Katie Swierczek
    • Megha Mundade

    4th Grade:

    • Amy Acquorola
    • Cindy Evancho

    5th Grade:

    • Gianie Perez
    • Jennifer Giles

Superintendent Advisory Board Representatives

  • Ana Dougherty
    • Grade 2
    Kelly Pennington
    • Grade 1 & 4
    Megha Mundade
    • Grade 3