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    The Lexile Framework for Reading is an innovative approach to reading comprehension that can be used by educators, parents and readers of all ages. Lexiles take the guesswork out of selecting targeted books and articles that can help to improve reading skills-by matching readers to appropriate texts.

    The vision of the PDE ED Hub is to provide personalized and compelling onine content and application resources to teachers, students,a dministrators, and parents through a single sign-on experience. The resources provide a direct link to NetTrekker resources.
    Digital media resources can be researched, accessed, and organized into playlists for all teachers in Delaware County through this valuable resource from the DCIU. Find more than 3000 full-length up-to-date videos, over 14,000 core concept clips, 4,000 curriculum-oriented audio files, 5,00 print resources with teacher's guides and worksheets, over 25,000 photographs, illustrations, and clip art in current content for K-12 subject areas. Search for content by academic standard or keyword. Login and password required.

    Check here for updated information on testing schedule and other important facts.
    Click here to find digital videos from the DCIU for all curriculum areas. All videos previously sent out by VHS on a borrowing system have been digitized and are now available through this website. The DCIU will no longer be sending videos out to the schools beginning in the 2006-2007 school year.