• The Rose Tree Media School District is very proud of their three-year Induction Program.  The purposes for this new teacher Induction Plan are:


    ·   To help teachers make the transition from college to classroom.

    ·   To help employees understand and fulfill their role in accomplishing school or district student learning outcomes.

    ·  To improve teaching performance.

    ·  To increase the retention of promising teachers.

    ·  To promote the personal and professional well-being of new employees.

    ·  To transmit the culture of the school system and profession to new employees.

    ·  To provide the best possible instruction for all RTM students all of the time.


    Balance is a key word in understanding the design of the RTM program.  Several years of induction experience plus study of the plans of many other districts helped us develop a program which balances attention to individual growth with commitment to building and district goals and initiatives.  Thus, the program reflects varied learning experiences with colleagues, mentors, principals and the Elementary and Secondary Directors of Teaching and Learning.


    Because learning to be a good teacher is a complex and ongoing experience, a three year induction process has been created.  The second and third years are planned to maximize individualization and exposure to rehearsal and reflection structures in our Professional Growth Options Program, while the first year is much more standardized.