• Preparing Students for the Opportunities of the Future

    The Rose Tree Media School District provides students with a wide variety of opportunities that prepare them for success in college, in their careers, and as citizens. We ensure a culture of excellence for every student. 

    Our focus on 21st century teaching and learning emphasizes the 4 Cs of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Teaching and learning is relevant, personalized, and flexible, emphasizing problem solving in the classroom and beyond.

    While maintaining high expectations for achievement, we also foster community engagement among students while nurturing the social, emotional, and physical wellness of our students and staff. Our schools exemplify our core values of equity, dignity, inclusivity, and belongingness for all.

    Our Schools
    RTMSD serves students in grades kindergarten through 12 at our six schools. Students in grades K-5 attend Glenwood Elementary, Indian Lane Elementary, Media Elementary, or Rose Tree Elementary. Students in grades 6-8 attend Springton Lake Middle School, while students in grades 9-12 attend Penncrest High School. 

    From Great to Greater
    RTMSD possesses an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement through focused strategic initiatives and highly effective curriculum and instruction. We continue to improve in offering rigorous academics, discipline-developing athletics, and extracurricular activities that challenge our children, while helping each student grow socially and emotionally. 

    We strive to make the best and most efficient use possible of the investments our community has made in its local public schools. This means properly maintaining our facilities and careful fiscal stewardship of our tax dollars while ensuring students continue to have access to top-quality programs and services throughout their k-12 journey.

    Quick Facts

    • Total Students Served: 4,168
    • Total Teachers & Staff: 752
    • Average Class Size: 23-25
    • Number of Schools: 6
    • Year Founded: 1955