• Health Screenings
    Pennsylvania School Health Code mandates annual health screenings for all students in schools within the Commonwealth.  
    Vision Screening administered in all grades
    Growth Screening (height, weight and body mass index) administered in all grades
    Hearing Screening administered in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7 and 11.
    Scoliosis Screening administered in grade 7
    Parents/guardians receive a referral for further evaluation by their medical provider if their child does not pass the vision, hearing or scoliosis screening, or if he or she has a body mass index percentile above the 85th percentile or below the 5th percentile.
    Mandated Examinations
    Medical examinations are required on original entry into school, and in grades 6 and 11. 
    Dental examinations are required on original entry into school and in grades 3 and 7.