• Parents Should Teach Their Children Proper Bus Behavior to Help Ensure the Safest Trip Possible

    Students who do not follow the rules on the bus will be written up and disciplinary action will be imposed by the child's principal.

    Three write-ups could result in loss of bus privileges!

    When on the bus, children should be taught to:

    • Take their seats immediately.
      Delaying in getting their seat delays the bus run and the other vehicles waiting for the bus to move.

    • Move over to allow another student to sit in the seat with them.
      Most buses are filled to capacity and to avoid hurt feelings, embarrassment, and delays, children should be taught to share their seat when needed.

    • Never stand or switch seats while the bus is in motion.
      If the driver has to suddenly step on the brakes and a child is standing, they could possibly be thrown forward and suffer unnecessary injury.

    • Keep the aisle clear.
      Keeping the aisle clear is a safety issue. This prevents tripping and, in the case of an emergency, a clear aisle allows for a safe evacuation.

    • Talk quietly amongst themselves.
      Loud noises distract the driver and take their attention away from what they should be concentrating on, the road!

    • Never throw objects on the bus.
      Throwing objects on a bus could cause injury to another student and will also distract the driver, who will then have to focus on the behavior inside  of the bus instead of on the traffic in front of them and this could cause a serious accident.

    • Never throw objects out the windows.
      Throwing objects out of a bus window is not only a violation of the litter bug law, it could also cause damage to another vehicle or even cause an accident.

    • Never put head or arms out the window.
      Because the bus is so big, it is always coming in contact with tree limbs. Sometimes the bus may come close to street signs and other moving vehicles. When putting a body part out the window, there is a possibility that the student will incur serious injury, dismemberment, or possibly even death.

    • Never use foul language.
      The use of foul language is never appropriate behavior and will not be tolerated on our district buses and should be avoided.

    • Be courteous and respectful of other students and the bus driver.
      Kids can be cruel and thrive on others' shortcomings, so remind your child to remember what all our mothers have said to us, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"

    • Always obey any instructions given by the bus driver.
      Remind your children that when they are on the bus, they are under the authority of the bus driver. The driver is there to transport your child to school safely. Tell your children to always obey the driver's instructions, especially in an emergency.

    • Never push and shove when exiting the bus at school or at your bus stop.
      The aisle of a bus is tight but if everyone waits until it is their turn and files out in an orderly fashion, no one will get hurt and all will arrive at their destination safely.


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