• The RTM Food Service Department is focused on the health of our school environment. Our district has established nutrition standards for all snacks sold in school by any entity, including parent/student organizations, teachers, boosters, fundraisers or the food served by the food services department. These standards for snack sales are in effect from any time before school through 1/2 hour after school, in accordance with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, the USDA and our district Wellness Policy. Non-compliant foods may be sold from 1/2 hour after school through the end of the day.  These standards carefully balance science-based nutrition guidelines with practical and flexible solutions to promote healthier eating throughout the district.

    The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 required USDA to establish nutrition standards for all foods sold on school grounds during the school day. School fundraisers are included in the standards.

    A fundraiser is considered an event that includes an activity in which currency/token/tickets, etc. are exchanged for the sale/purchase of a product in support of the school or school-related activities. Examples include school stores, pretzel sales, bake sales, candy bar sales, and vending machines where profits are used to support a school-sponsored club or activity, such as the school band or sports team.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education has determined that a maximum of (5) exempt fundraisers will be permitted in each elementary and middle school building per year, and a maximum of (10) exempt fundraisers will be permitted in each high school building per year. Each fundraiser may not exceed one school week.

    It is important to remember that these exemptions only apply to fundraisers that do not meet the requirements for foods sold in school in the Smart Snack Standards. Non-food fundraisers and food fundraisers that meet the requirements of the Smart Snack Standards do not require an exemption. Exempt fundraisers may not be sold in the food service area during the meal period. Additionally, the Smart Snack Standards only apply to foods sold to students during the school day. Therefore, the Smart Snack Standards are not applicable to fundraisers that take place after the school day (i.e., fundraisers where a brochure is sent home, such as frozen pizzas, subs/sandwiches).

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    Please allow up to 48 hours for submitted requests to receive a response.