• The Rose Tree Media  School District partnered with national nonprofit YouthTruth to survey staff, students and families in November 2021. The surveys gathered feedback and perceptions from each group about a variety of factors that contribute to the cultures of the schools in the RTMSD.  This is the first year of the survey for our district, and we plan to continue to administer the survey to monitor our progress in the areas of focus in the survey.   Principals share this data at each building and will use the data for building-level planning and goal-setting.  This data is crucial as we continue our efforts to build a culture of belonging and inclusivity through honoring dignity.

    The survey was administered in early November, 2021.  A total of 5,312 students, staff and caregivers participated.

    • 1,810 Caregivers (44% of the total population)
    • 2,979 Students (94%) of the total population)
    • 523 Staff (86% of the total population)

    You will find respondent data for each school in the reports below.

    Context of the Survey

    It is important to understand the context around the administration of the survey.  

    • The school environments were not typical, as students returned to buildings, some for the first time in several months, and were reacclimating to the processes, procedures and expectations of being in school while following masking and social distancing protocols that created a very different learning environment in each school.
    • There were several issues with Tik Tok challenges that impacted the middle and high school through an increased frequency of vandalism and other negative behaviors.
    • Students and staff were all navigating the emotional, social and academic challenges of the stresses of returning to a “normal” learning environment in over 18 months.